Honors Night for MVRHS students


Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) hosted its Honors Night at the Performing Arts Center on Thursday, May 25. 

The event was a night celebrating the students’ hard work throughout the year, and also showcased some of their artwork. 

A total of 502 awards were presented, in 23 categories. 

Here are the winners:

MVRHS Character Awards. Presented by Nell Coogan, Jeremy Light

COMMUNITY- Students who recognize the benefits of being part of a community and who take responsibility for his/her own impact on others. Recognizes the rights of others and the common good. Engages with diverse perspectives. Understands, accepts, and values diversity.

9th Grade Community Award: Kiara Alves, Brody Royal, Nora Motahari, Hunter Bolduc
10th Grade Community Award: Agata Rodrigues, Avery Mulvey, Josephine Powers, Miles
11th Grade Community Award: Zachary Mathias, Bryan Sornas, Michael Vincent Paciello,
12th Grade Community Award: Matthew Littlefield, Clara Cabral, Lucas Cacique

CURIOSITY- Figures out what type of learning excites them, keeps them engaged, and makes them happy to wake up in the morning. Will try new things. Pursues interests and passions until they are satisfied—not just to receive a grade or reward. Discovers how their interests and hobbies can translate into the world of HS, life and work.

9th Grade Curiosity Award: Ana Julia Da Silva, Alessandra De Oliveira Milagre, Gannon
10th Grade Curiosity Award: Aedan Coogan, Daniela Alves, Rodeo Purves Langer
11th Grade Curiosity Award: Samantha Caldwell, Juliana DeSouza, Matheus Magri
12th Grade Curiosity Award: Romain Lyn, Sandy Da Silva, Nikola Nikolov
RESILIENCE- Those who are willing to accept and learn from disappointment. They manage and learn from discomfort. Stretches themselves. Believes that success is under their control. Practices the skill of moving forward and maintaining optimism. Self-advocate.
9th Grade Resilience Award: Leah deBettencourt, Matthew Day, Dalvin Titus
10th Grade Resilience Award: Jessica Arruda, Sierra Flanders, Theodore Pacheco, Nicholas Rabeni
11th Grade Resilience Award: Caleb Guerrero, Makayla Landers, Emanuel Oliveira
12th Grade Resilience Award: Kamar Dehaney, Carlos Burgos, Eduardo Marques

ACCOUNTABILITY- Proactively, independently gets stuff done. Is present, engaged, on time. Manages oneself— doesn’t make it the adult’s responsibility. Maintains integrity—academic and personal. Accepts consequences when poor choices are made. Doesn’t blame others. Steps up and manages situations, even if not the cause. Plays a leadership role in resolving problems.

9th Grade Accountability Award: Larissa Klein, Aidan Christensen, Sophia Alves

10th Grade Accountability Award: Jonathan Cardoso, Natalie Wambui, Robert Pacheco
11th Grade Accountability Award: Camden Townes, Dragomir Langhammer, Charles
12th Grade Accountability Award: Evelyn Brewer, Hanna Maria Santos, Nicholas Rego
COMPASSION- Avoids behavior that disrespects or devalues others. Responds to things that hurt others. Supports other community members. Actively helps others and contributes to the community.
9th Grade Compassion Award: Ella Ehrman, Elizabeth Carbon, Rhayanne Oliveira Beca
10th Grade Compassion Award: Renny Smith, Anthony Pruciano, Sofia McGroarty Sampaio
11th Grade Compassion Award: Jenna Hathaway, Antori Green, Sarah De Oliveira
12th Grade Compassion Award: Jayden Baird, Lucas Belain, Luis Funes Seren
Art, Design and Technology. Presented by Chris Baer

Effort and Leadership in Art, Design Technology:
9th Grade: Jason Jarrell, Highley Marsh, Brady Vought, Xeandre Miller
10th Grade: Jean Abreu, Louisiana White, Quinlan Slavin
11th Grade: Jack Zheng, Ryassa Lacerda
12th Grade: Paige Alley, Lorhana Souza, Kamar Dehaney
Art, Design & Technology:
Excellence in Drawing and Painting: Nazare McIntosh
Excellence in Photography and Graphics: Samantha Warren
Excellence in 3D Design and Architecture: Fernanda Rosa, Cecilia Prata
Excellence in Crafts and Sculpture: Tegan Gale
Excellence in Game Design: Brody Royal
Excellence in Programming: Senique Wilson
Excellence in Interactive Art: Hannah Costa
Athletics. Presented by Mark McCarthy
Sportsmanship Award: Camden Napior
Sportsmanship Award: CJ Walsh
Unsung Heroine Award: Lily Moran
Unsung Hero Award: Daniel da Silva, Daniel Serpa
Outstanding Student Athlete in Academics: Josephine Welch
Outstanding Student Athlete in Academics: Jacob Glasgow
Outstanding Student Athlete in Competition: Penelope Long

Outstanding Student Athlete in Competition: Matheus Rodrigues

MIAA Pillar Awards
Leadership: Maia Donnelly
Community Service: Zach Mathias
Coaches’ Education: Vinny Paciello
Sportsmanship: Sophia Balsas
Wellness: Rebecca Mandelli
US Figure Skating Award. Presented by Jane Taylor
Gold Achievement: Mya O’Neill
Career and Technical Education. Presented by Jack O’Malley
Excellence in Automotive
Exploratory: Hunter Bolduc
Level 1: Christie Chrisgerad
Level 2: Jack Chronister
Level 3: Matthew Pouliot
Excellence in Business and Marketing
Entrepreneurship: Francis Paciello
Business & Marketing: Ronan Kelly
Marketing: Nathaniel Story
Excellence in Carpentry
Exploratory: Joao Nunes
Level 1: Aizack DaSilva
Level 2: Evan Bettencourt
Level 3: Arthur Da Silva, Everthon Da Silva, Kaio Da Silva
Excellence in Culinary Arts
Exploratory: Kylee Brasefield
Level 1: Mason Cron
Level 2: Molly Sylvia
Level 3: Jaheem Richards
Excellence in Health Assisting
Exploratory: Hannah McCormick
Level 1: Jahzarah McIntosh, Elena Giordano

Level 2: Kimberly Marques
Level 3: Kinley Rinzin, Alexia Campbell
Excellence in Horticulture
Exploratory: Brady Vought
Level 1: Jean Abreu
Level 2: Legend Silva Goodwin
Level 3: Luke Yuhas
Excellence in Sail MV
Maritime 1: Peter Miller
Maritime 2: Kaio daCosta
MVA Presidential Award:
Massachusetts Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Award: Evelyn Brewer
English. Presented by Christine Ferrone
Effort and Leadership in English
9th Grade: Sarah Barros, Ashley Rose Silva, Walter Prescott
10th Grade: Teddy Pacheco, Beth Jennings, Mason Cron, Rodeo Purves Langer
11th Grade: Jack deBettencourt, Samantha Caldwell, Chrisgerad Christie, Norah Prestley
12th Grade: Mikaelly Ribeiro, Nolan Carreiro (dual enrollment), Madeleine Bengtsson,
Daniel Serpa, Jocelyn Baliunas
Excellence in English
Excellence in English Grade 9: Lucas Souza, Gabriel Arado, Teagan D’Arcy, Anina Garvin
Excellence in English: Grade 10: Hannah Landers-Saunders, Holden Brew, Emily
MacMillan, Louisiana White, Tayna Silva
Excellence in English: Grade 11: Sydney Emerson, Tatum Thomas, Lillian Duarte, Sophia
Cutrer, Maja Nielsen, Lyla Solway
Excellence in English: Grade 12: Sydney Rydzewski, Penelope Long, Clyde Smith, Annabelle
Brothers, Jacob Glasgow
Morelli Award – Julia Sayre
Newspaper. Presented by Kathryn Hennigan
Excellence in Journalism: Julia Sayre
New England Scholastic Press Association Special Achievement Awards.
Highest Achievement Award – Class III Newspaper – Editor-in-Chief, Julia Sayre

Highest Achievement Award – Class III Newspaper – Asst. Editor-in-Chief, Nikeya Tankard
Highest Achievement Award – Class III Newspaper – Asst. Editor-in-Chief, Olivia MacPherson
Highest Achievement Award – Class III Newspaper – Art Editor, Madeleine Bengtsson
Highest Achievement Award – Class III Newspaper – Photo Editor, Isabella Merriam
Special Achievement – News Story – “Spanish-speaking students and staff assist migrants” – Julia
Special Achievement – News Story – “BSA calls for Black History Month every month” – Nikeya
Tankard, Hillary Ochoa
English as a Second Language. Presented by Dianne Norton
Excellence in ESL 1: Matheus Zanelatto
Phoenix Award in ESL 1: Mahiza da Silva Lopes
Excellence in ESL 2: Alessandra De Oliveira Milagre, Roane Escala
Phoenix Award in ESL 2: Victoria Evelyn de Jesus, Kayke Assis
Excellence in ESL 3: Ana de Paula
Phoenix Award in ESL 3: Guilherme Arthur Pereira
Excellence in ESL 4: Priscyla Cruz
Phoenix Award in ESL 4: Sharon da Silva
World Languages. Presented by Erin Slossberg
Effort and Leadership in World Languages
9th Grade:
Molly Crawford (Lat 1)
Matilda Backus-Clement (Port 1),
Walter Prescott (Port 1),
Victoria Evelyn de Jesus (SPS),
Kellry Aredes (SPS & PHL2),
Maeve Cook-Martin (Sp 1C1),
Nicholas Mathias (Sp HN 1),
Syuis Rivera Rigali (Sp HN 2),
Teagan D’Arcy (Sp Hn 2)
10th Grade:
Arianna Edelman (Lat 1),
Aiden Weiland (Lat 1),
Raone Escala (SPS),
Kayllane Vial (PLA),
Grady McCracken (Port 2),

Madison Mello (Port 2),
Shealyn Smyth (Sp 2C1),
Lorrayne Barros (ASL 1),
Mathew Fontaine (ASL 1)
11th Grade:
Alexandra Turner (Lat 1) ,
João Simões (PH4),
Rayssa Lacerda (PHL3),
Tehya Backus-Clement (Port 3),
Reese McCracken (Port 3),
Brooke Ward (Sp 3C1),
Rebecca Mandelli (AP Span),
Lyla Solway (Sp HN 4),
Nicholas Carpenter (PreAP 4),
Jack deBettencourt (Sp HN 3),
Bryce Cioffi (Sp HN 3),
Tayla BenDavid (ASL 1)
12th Grade:
Arthur Da Silva (PH5),
Julia Sayre (AP Spanish),
Madeleine Bengtsson (AP Spanish),
Jack Walsh (Sp HN 4)
MA Foreign Language Association Awards:
Award for Excellence in Spanish – Maria Sanchez Roa, Daniel Serpa
Award for Excellence in Portuguese – Rebecca Mandelli
Awards for Leadership in Foreign Language – Andressa Da Trindade
Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy in English and Spanish is awarded to:
Rachel Arruda
Madeleine Bengtsson
Annabelle Brothers
Clara Cabral
Andressa Da Trindade
Rayssa De Oliveira
Kayla Dow
Anna Julia Duarte

Jacob Glasgow
Penelope Long
Eduardo Marques
Laiza Miller
Ianna Oliveira
Julia Sayre
Daniel Serpa
Mackenzie Shaw
Clyde Smith
Lorhana Souza
Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy in English and Portuguese is awarded to:
Kaio Da Silva
Anna Julia Duarte
Arthur Da Silva
Everthon Da Silva
Andressa Da Trindade
Clara Cabral
Laura Gomes
Eduardo Marques
Matheus Rodrigues
Lorhana Souza
State Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction: Maria Sanchez Roa for English and Spanish.
History. Presented by Ena Thulin
Effort and Leadership in History:
9th Grade: Luis Costa
10th Grade: Daniela Alves, Beth Jennings, Raone Escala
11th Grade: Reese McCracken, Alexandra Dyke
12th Grade: Terrence Lett, Jacob Riley
Excellence in History
Excellence in Global 9: Adriana Young, Nazare McIntosh, Teagan D’Arcy, Penelope
Excellence in American Studies: Josephine Powers
Excellence in Global 11: Elena Giordano
Excellence in AP US History: Broden Vincent, Kevin Peres
Excellence in AP World History: Jack deBettencourt, Jason Boudreau

Excellence in ELL History Topics: Cecilia Prata
Excellence in 10th Grade Humanities: Holden Brew
Excellence in 11th Grade Humanities: Maia Donnelly, Connor Graves
Excellence in Civics and Current Issues: Daniel Serpa, Gordon Prescott, Cali Giglio
Excellence in AP African American Studies: Olympia Hall, Marin Gillis

Math. Presented by Carole Flanders
Effort & Leadership in Math (19)
9th Grade – Leah deBettencourt , Hunter Bolduc, Eleanor Mone
10th Grade – Ana de Paula, Kevin Peres, Kayllane Vial
11th Grade – Emma Burt, Sophia Cutrer, Robert Moore, Destiny Brown, Bryce Cioffi,
Fernanda Rosa
12th Grade – Linus Munn, Clyde Smith, Lorhana Souza, Rayssa De Oliveira, Nolan
Carreiro, Jack Walsh, Josephine Welch
Excellence in Math (27)
Excellence in ESL Math – Pedro Furtado
Excellence in Sheltered Algebra I – Rhayanne Oliveira Beca
Excellence in Algebra I – Ana Julia Da Silva
Excellence in Honors Algebra I – Zyler Flanders
Excellence in Algebra II – Fernanda Rosa, Jack Zheng
Excellence in Honors Algebra II – Josephine Powers, Kestutis Biskis
Excellence in Advanced Algebra II – Molly Crawford, Francis Paciello
Excellence in Geometry – Agata Rodrigues
Excellence in Honors Geometry – Lucy Magden
Excellence in Advanced Geometry – Teagan D’Arcy , Syius Rivera Rigali
Excellence in Pre-Calculus – Kinley Rinzin
Excellence in Honors Pre-Calculus – Elena Luciano, Marin Gillis, Jack Chronister
Excellence in Pre-AP Calculus – Jack deBettencourt
Excellence in Honors Calculus – Madeleine Bengtsson
Excellence in AP Calculus (BC) – Lyla Solway, Daniel Serpa
Excellence in Financial Literacy – Maria Sanchez Roa, Ryan Harding
Excellence in Statistics – Dyana Burke, Violette Wetterhahn
Excellence in AP Statistics – Jacob Glasgow
Project Vine Awards. Presented by Dani Charbonneau
Our “Vintage” Award: Henry Shank and Nathaniel Regan

The Big Sibling Award: Kyle Marchand and Caiden Gardner
Our “Rookies” of the Year Jonah Mafcher and Cayhana Williams
The “Vine Friday” Hero Award: Renato Araujo and Lillie Cabral
Navigator Award. Presented by Keren Albiston
Humanity Award: Jamie Rivard
Performing Arts. Presented by Abigail Chandler
Effort & Leadership in the Performing Arts
9th Grade: Ana Julia Da Silva, Zyler Flanders, Georgia DeRoche, Ella Ehrman
10th Grade: Josephine Powers, Louisiana White, Aiden Weiland
11th Grade: Gabriella Silveira, Sydney Emerson
12th Grade: Ava McGee, Maya Tomkins, Annabelle Brothers, Isabella Merriam
Excellence in the Performing Arts
Excellence in Chorus: Genevieve Hyland
Excellence in Band: Hyunki Seonwoo, Eli Friedman
Excellence in Orchestra: Linus Munn, Tayna Silva
Excellence in the Musical: Madeleine Bengtsson, Emma Burt
Excellence in Acting: Jack Tully
Jim Novak Where the Heck Did That Come From? Award: Luiz Lacerda, Bryan Fernandes
Department Service Award: Jameson Whitmarsh
Department Award: Jack Crawford
Physical Education. Presented by Sara Dingledy
Effort & Leadership in Physical Education
9th Grade: Joao Victor Araujo, Nola Savard
10th Grade: Matthew Fontaine, Charlotte Watts
11th Grade: Samantha Warren, Kestutis Biskis
12th Grade: Jaheem Richards, Annabelle Brothers
Science. Presented by Michael Joyce
Effort & Leadership in Science (12)
9th Grade: Rhayanne Oliveira Beca, Hannah McCormick, Sarah Barros
10th Grade: Kayllane Vial, Arianna Edelman, Vytas Alexander, Calahan D’Arcy
11th Grade: Maia Donnelly, Emma Burt, Jack deBettencourt
12th Grade: Jack Crawford, Madeleine Bengtsson

Excellence in Science (28)
Excellence in Sheltered Biology: Raone Escala
Excellence in Biology: Teagan D’Arcy, Syius Rivera Rigali, Nola Savard, Quinlan Slavin,
Rickel Smith
Excellence in AP Biology: Joshua Salop, Broden Vincent
Excellence in Chemistry: Elena Luciano, Broden Vincent, Sophie Winters, Quinlan Slavin
Excellence in AP Chemistry: Robert Moore
Excellence in Earth Science: Jason Jarrell, Gianni Navarrete, Lucy Magden, Chloe Nicotera
Excellence in Physics: Caroline Dolby, Jack Hayden, Olympia Hall, Lyla Solway
Excellence in AP Physics: Clyde Smith
Excellence in Anatomy and Physiology: Elena Luciano
Excellence in AP Environmental Science: Daniel Serpa, Lyla Solway
Excellence in Science Research: Maia Donnelly, Molly Crawford
Excellence in Marine Biology: Bryce Cioffi
National Honor Society Spring Inductees. Presented by NHS Co-Presidents:
Julia Sayre and Josephine Welch
Violet MacPhail
Samantha Caldwell
Molly Sylvia
Brooke Ward
Walker Brescia
National School Development Council Awards. Presented by Dr. Richie Smith
Lyla Solway and Alexa Schroeder
Book Awards. Presented by John Fiorito
Harvard University: Lyla Solway
Smith College: Emma Burt
Dartmouth College: Marin Gillis
Yale University: Alexa Schroeder
Saint Michael’s College: Georgia Magden, Thomas Fairchild-Coppoletti
University of Notre Dame: Sophia Cutrer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Robert Moore
Suffolk University: Olympia Hall
Western New England University: Jack deBettencourt
Lasell University: Jahzarah McIntosh
Martha’s Vineyard Bank: Molly Sylvia, Nikeya Tankard

Top Twenty in the Class of 2023. Presented by Sara Dingledy
1 Annabelle Brothers
2 Jacob Glasgow
3 Daniel Serpa
4 Clyde Smith
5 Isabella Merriam
6 Josephine Welch
7 Jack Crawford
8 Madeleine Bengtsson
9 Julia Sayre
10 Linus Munn
11 Eloise Christy
12 Jack Walsh
13 Grace Gallagher
14 Sophia Kokoszka
15 Aileen Mahoney
15 Juliet Morse
16 Adrienne Christy
16 Cali Giglio
16 Ella Keene
16 Penelope Long
17 Hannah Hoff
Valedictorian – Annabelle Brothers
Salutatorian – Jacob Glasgow
Class Essayist – Daniel Serpa
President’s Awards. Presented by Presented by Sam Hart
President’s Award for Educational Achievement:
Eamon Savard
Lily Moran
Lily Shaughnessy
Alana Nevin
Maria Sanchez Roa
Anna Duarte
Trevor Gullotta
Clara Cabral
Daniel da Silva

Genevieve Hyland
Eduardo Marques
Kayla Dow
Ava McGee
Evelyn Brewer
Micah Simmons
Nolan Carreiro
Marcos Rodrigues
Ryan Harding
Alexander Walsh
President’s Award for Educational Excellence:
Annabelle Brothers
Jacob Glasgow
Daniel Serpa
Clyde Smith
Isabella Merriam
Josephine Welch
Jack Crawford
Madeleine Bengtsson
Julia Sayre
Linus Munn
Eloise Christy
Jack Walsh
Grace Gallagher
Sophia Kokoszka
Aileen Mahoney
Juliet Morse
Adrienne Christy
Cali Giglio
Ella Keene
Penelope Long
Hannah Hoff
Nikola Nikolov
Griffin Stead
Matthew Littlefield
Annabel Eddy
Rayssa De Oliveira
Laiza Miller

Gabriella DeBlase
Aubrey Holmes
Hannah Murphy
Jocelyn Baliunas
Mackenzie Shaw
Andrea Morse
Isabelle Ribeiro
Margaret Bernard
Samuel Gurney
Kinley Rinzin
Nicole Menton