Tisbury: Identity theft, Sharks baseball, Freedom Bells, Berry Festival, and Street Fair

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Heard on Main Street: It’s all right here.

Mary Orcutt will be in Cape Cod Hospital for a while. I know she’d love a note or card from you to Mrs. Mary Orcutt, then print “Patient” under her name, then Cape Cod Hospital, 27 Park St., Hyannis MA 02601. There’s nothing like a word from friends when you don’t feel well, and are away from home.

I understand we’ve been blessed with a new postmistress at our Vineyard Haven Post Office. I had heard some workers were not happy for a while. We are very happy to welcome Emily. We have been waiting for you.

I do like books by Nora Roberts. Her latest book “Identity” is a great story. But the impact of this one is it shows the multiplicity of ways that someone who steals your identity can continue to impact your life for years. Not only did this man steal a woman’s identity, he found ways to impact her mother and grandmother in a far-distant state. Even years after she moves in with them, she receives a large credit card bill newly created in her name. Are you careful to prevent theft of your own identity?

Cheers! The Vineyard Sharks will honor Vineyard veterans through the MVCS Veterans Program with proceeds from the game on Sunday, July 2, at 7 pm. Our vets were there when our country asked them to serve. Your donations at the game to the Veterans Silent Auction Table and on the Fourth to the veterans at local shops help with their costs for housing, food, medical expenses, and clothing.

Tuesday is the Glorious Fourth. Our own Main Street businesses plan to join in the “Ringing of Freedom Bells” for two minutes at 2 pm. President Kennedy proclaimed the ringing of the bells nationwide in 1963 to mark the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence at that date and time in 1776. Some of our churches plan to take part. You can do it at home or wherever you are. Pause to give thanks for our freedom, too. Several businesses plan a donation from income that day to honor local veterans. Remember that when you are shopping.

We know spring cleaning brings stuff to light. Donate your stuff to benefit a program against gun violence. Help Dolly Campbell, Judy Cronig, and Liza Coogan raise money to benefit the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Last fall their book club raised $2,500. This time the sale will be at Nancy Hall’s historic Howland Barn, next door to the Tisbury Town Hall. Drop off donations of old art, new art, old jewelry, new jewelry, and even some children’s art on Thursday and Friday, July 6 and 7, between 9 am and 3 pm. The sale is 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, July 8. Leftover items will go to Chicken Alley.

Earlier in the day, you can enjoy a delicious visit to the Berry Festival, on Saturday, July 8. There will be strawberries and blueberries, served from noon to 4 pm, at the West Tisbury Congregational Church. If it has berries, you will find it there.

That evening you can celebrate with good times at the Tisbury Street Fair, which opens at 6:30 pm on Main Street on the 8th. Most of the booths support local charities, and folks like the firemen, who save us from our own problems in our small world.

What do you really know about Zambia? Marsha Winsryg will share photos and stories of her “20 Years in Zambia” the morning of July 8. Marsha went to Africa to work with people at the Mama Bakhita Cheshire Home and the Zambezi Communal Farm. Learn more about Zambia at 11 am on Saturday, July 8, at the Edgartown library.

The M.V. Film Center will also feature a number of live shows, especially featuring humor, at the Film Center in July and August. Discover more there or on their webpage. Along with MVTV they sponsor the Youth Filmmakers Camp at Featherstone Center, afternoons from July 31 through August 4. Information at Featherstone: 508-693-1850.

Happy anniversary to Robert and Juliana Rogers on Saturday. Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go to Sioux Eagle and Marina Lent on Sunday. Happy birthday to Larry Gomez on Monday. On Tuesday, fireworks mark our celebration for the good old USA. Don’t forget to fly the flag.

Heard on Main Street: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself — and spiders.

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