A visit to Midnight Taco

Coastal-inspired Mexican food with fresh flavors and fair prices.


When I see the empty Midnight Train food truck parked at a private residence just by my house, I think, I wish I went there while they were open. The truck never reappeared in the lot of Jim’s Package Store in Oak Bluffs for its seasonal opening, and I was left feeling sad that another food spot came and went and I never tried it. About a month ago, I noticed a new restaurant called Midnight Taco, in the building by where they used to park the food truck. They opened their doors — and windows — at the very beginning of June. After six years of operating the food truck, the owners decided to park it and set up shop in the nearby building. I made it a priority to make the time — and bring my appetite — to try their tacos. To my surprise, they served much more than tacos. Burritos, bowls, and tacos are the staples of their menu, along with rotating specials like ceviche, and breakfast on the weekends.

I called up my favorite taste tester and asked if he wanted to get takeout from the new taco spot, and without hesitation he agreed. Swamped at work, I asked if he would pick a sampling from their menu and send it to me. Do not tell him, but I didn’t look it over at all, but just said, “Looks great.”

When I got to his house, there was a paper takeout bag on the table. I began to unpack it, and it didn’t take me long to realize he did not have lunch, or quite possibly even breakfast — he ordered a lot. I love that kind of order. He got Mahi Mahi tacos ($16), chicken tacos ($14), a steak burrito ($17), shrimp bowl ($20), and a pork bowl ($18), a little bit of everything, and a couple of add-ons for each. He was upstairs taking a shower, so I quickly unpacked the food to snap a couple of photos. The food itself was a bright array of colors, a feast for my eyes.

I found the shrimp bowl to be magnificent — most of that dish found its way to my plate; he might have only snagged one shrimp, but who’s counting? He liked the steak in the burrito best, marinated juicy and tender. What we both loved was the freshness of the ingredients, and ingredients like cotija cheese and pickled onions that we rarely eat, but love. The rice was cooked perfectly, not too sticky, surprisingly flavorful black beans, the corn was roasted, and veggies were diced carefully. It was obvious the chef takes pride in — and pays attention when — picking the quality and types of ingredients. Everything was so tasty, and the flavors danced around my mouth with delight.

With online ordering through the Toast app, there is no waiting when you get there, and you can typically find parking at Jim’s. If the lot is full, it’s a quick walk from the seawall if you have to park there. If you’re walking around Oak Bluffs and stop in to order something, I can’t imagine the wait would be long. There are plenty of benches and parks around town to sit and enjoy your meal. Hours aren’t limited to late night eats either — they’re open Wednesday and Thursday, noon to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday, 8 am to 1 am and Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm.

I hoped to get some photos of the exterior of Midnight Taco, and since I wasn’t there when the order was picked up, I willingly went back for photos the following night. I came home with the pics, and yes, another tasty shrimp bowl.

Midnight Taco is located at 6 Circuit Ave. ext., Oak Bluffs, between Jim’s Package Store and the Sand Bar. Follow on Instagram, @mvnighttacomv. To place your order visit toasttab.com/midnight-taco-6-circuit-ave-extension/v3, call 508-560-3222, or stop by.