Island man arrested for stealing moped


An 18-year-old Vineyard man is facing up to seven charges, including larceny of a motor vehicle, after allegedly stealing a rental moped and operating it under the influence.

Oak Bluffs Police arrested Jack Holmes Sunday evening, after they’d been dispatched to Seaview Avenue in response to multiple reports of mopeds driving recklessly and endangering pedestrians. 

According to reports, Holmes, who is an employee of Oak Bluffs business Ride-On Mopeds, told police that he and another individual had taken a moped that had the key in the engine from the business that evening; he had been doing “burnouts” around town to show off and “act cool.” 

Holmes had allegedly tried to evade police, and later resisted arrest upon contact, according to police reports. Once apprehended, officers located the key to the stolen moped and unopened alcohol on Holmes. 

Police say Holmes showed all six signs of intoxication. A breathalyzer test taken at Dukes County Jail where he was later booked, showed Holmes’ blood alcohol level at 0.10 percent. 

The owner of the moped business later confirmed with police that Holmes was his employee, but had failed to come to work in the days leading up to the incident. He told officers that the key wouldn’t have been in the moped after closing time, and seeing as Holmes did not have permission to take a moped, it’s possible that he had climbed through a window of the business to get the key.

Holmes refused to identify any other individuals involved, although police say he was seen driving his green pickup truck with a passenger shortly before the incident, when the truck had allegedly been involved in a road rage incident on Circuit Avenue. 

The night earlier, police say the same truck had eluded officers who tried to stop it after passing a vehicle on a double yellow line.

Holmes has been served citation violations related to larceny of a motor vehicle, failure to stop for police, operating recklessly, operating under the influence, and a violation for not wearing a helmet on a moped. He’s also been charged with resisting arrest and possession of alcohol as a minor.


  1. I see the first 2 commentors here think there is something.
    funny about this. If he had caused a fatal accident, this
    same person would likely be calling for his head, and
    the closure of the business.
    I personally don’t see anything funny about someone
    stealing a moped and drunkenly driving it.
    They are dangerous enough for sober people.

    • “If he” – Whataboutism.

      I personally would like to see all of the rental mopeds stolen, that would be funny.
      They are too dangerous for drunk people.
      NO MOPEDS!

  2. Cops allege person stole a moped and was drunk. Did he steal the moped? Was he drunk? I have no idea. Fine to report on the allegations, but the fealty to law enforcement’s version of events is striking.

  3. Did you miss the part in the article where his boss states keys wouldn’t have been in the ignition after hours and he would have had to broken into the building to ride the moped. Taking without permission or payment is pretty much the definition of stealing.

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