Hospital stands by early morning freight support


To the Editor:

I don’t typically respond to Letters to the Editor, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t set the record straight on a letter published by the Martha’s Vineyard Times on August 31 headlined “Hospital wrong on early freight ferry.”

I wrote a letter to the Steamship Authority board in support of the 5:30 am ferry from Woods Hole to Vineyard Haven at the request of other Island leaders because that ferry, particularly in the busy summer months, is essential in getting our employees, goods, and needed services to the Island. I also had a concern on the important shift change that takes place at our hospital, and wanted to make sure our teams had the proper time to transition from night to day staff with a focus on continuing care for our patients. 

There are few other alternatives to SSA for the transport of people to the Island, and there is no viable alternative for shipping supplies. For that reason, we wanted to express our point of view. If a viable alternative is presented, we would welcome it, however none has been offered despite several years of studying the issue.

I shared my thoughts through the lens of our hospital and our community just as other leaders have done — including The Martha’s Vineyard Times. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify and know that we have the best interests of our Island at heart in all that we do.

Denise Schepici, president
Martha’s Vineyard Hospital