Wind farm blade recycling


To the Editor:

Let me start out by saying that Trump’s presidency divided this country in a similar magnitude to the division caused by the Civil War and Vietnam. Dividing the country is one of the worst things the president of the U.S. could do, and exactly what a president of the U.S. is not supposed to do. Why in the world would anyone give this destroyer another chance to rip apart our country even more? It is clearly insane, and makes no sense at all. 

What does this have to do with offshore wind farms, you ask? Trump was only able to build a minuscule amount of his big, beautiful wall dividing the U.S. and Mexico, which Mexico did not end up paying for. I think building this wall is an extremely stupid idea for many reasons. Although I have an idea that may pacify Trump’s cult and the anti-offshore wind farm gang by addressing the relatively insignificant issue of how to recycle or put these 20-year-old, large wind farm blades to good use. Drum roll: wait for it — use them to build this monstrous and colossally stupid wall for Trump’s cult.

Peter Pfluger
Oak Bluffs