Oak Bluffs: Island weddings, Tivoli Day, hummingbirds, Derby, and Island Theatre Workshop

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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  –English folklore rhyme

The earliest recorded version of this rhyme was in 1871, in a short story, “Marriage Superstitions, and the Miseries of a Bride Elect” in St. James’ Magazine. By 1905, the full rhyme had crossed the Atlantic to the U.S., when it appeared in the novel “Purple and Fine Linen,” by Emily Post. The items listed were to be worn by the bride for good luck in the marriage.

I am sharing this information about wedding folklore because, in case you haven’t noticed — it is wedding season on the Vineyard! I hear a lot about the many and varied weddings that take place, because my husband is a catering chef. Weddings here run the gamut from the barefoot wedding on the beach with a picnic after, to this example from last week: The rehearsal dinner for 225 people at the Ag Hall featured a “Farmers Market” theme, complete with bins of fresh vegetables, fruit, and flowers, and the wedding the next day included fireworks from a barge off Chappy. It is truly amazing the lengths that people will go to celebrate a wedding!

Weddings are also on my mind because — full disclosure — my daughter is getting married on Saturday, Sept. 16! Two Island kids, Jenna Lambert and Zach Sylvia, are exchanging vows in front of their families and friends at the Chilmark Tower House. Lifelong friend Willy Nevin will be the officiant. This will be a truly Island-based wedding, from the flowers to the food to the music. We are praying for A) no weather effects from Hurricane Lee, and B) everlasting happiness for the couple.

Saturday, Sept. 16, also brings Tivoli Day. This 43-year-old tradition turns Circuit Ave. into a street fair from 10 am to 6 pm, full of arts, crafts, vendors, bargains, great food, and live music. Have fun, find great bargains, and catch up with friends you haven’t seen all summer!

Keep those hummingbird feeders clean and full. Hummingbirds are hungry right now as they prepare to migrate South. They will need to gain 25 to 40 percent of their body weight before their long flight to Central America and Mexico. It is astounding that these tiny, fragile-looking birds travel thousands of miles to their winter homes. Bon voyage!

Get your tackle ready! The Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby started Sunday, Sept. 10, and runs through Oct. 15. This 77-year-old tradition brings serious anglers from all over the country and all corners of the Island to compete for prizes and bragging rights. The Derby contributes a lot to the community, with free fresh fish distributed to senior centers and the Food Pantry, and scholarships awarded to local high school seniors. Find the rules and registration link at mvderby.com. Good luck!

“Little Shop of Horrors” opens Thursday, Sept. 21. Island Theatre Workshop presents this delicious dark comedy, starring Cassidy Look, Lauren Scheffer, and Leandra Seward, plus an all-Island star ensemble, at the PAC over two weekends, so don’t miss it! Showtime is at 7:30 pm, Sept. 21 through 24, and Sept. 28 through Oct 1. Tickets at itwmvy.org.

Save the date for Ladyfest 2023! On Saturday, Sept. 30, Circuit Ave. will become a musical street fair from 5 to 11 pm. Three stages will provide live music and performance all night, plus artisans and vendors will line the street, all to benefit Connect to End Violence. This is an event not to miss!

Another “only on M.V.” story in September: I was in line at Reliable on Sunday. The line was long, as it was late morning and the usual procrastinators (like me) were joined by folks stocking up for the afternoon football games. A lady with two items walked over toward the cashiers, then realized that I was waiting. She asked me if she could go first. I said, “Well, sure, but we have to check with the people behind me.” I looked back, she looked back, and everyone nodded, “Go ahead.” She didn’t look back with any gratitude, but that didn’t matter to any of us. Hope she pays it forward!

Happy birthday to Island angel Nancy Nevin on the 15th! Henry Louis Gates Jr. will celebrate his roots on Sept. 16. He shares the day with other Oak Bluffs celebrities: Ewell Hopkins, Katrina Araujo, Anna Walton, and Clarissa Stead. Kia Newton celebrates her day on the 17th. Big shout-out to my first-born, J.J. Cheney, on the 18th! Two of my favorite girls, Mary Lombardi and Hallie MacCormack, celebrate on the 20th. Take a birthday picture of Michael Blanchard on the 21st!

Due to the aforementioned wedding, I won’t be providing a column next week. See you on the other side of being the MOB!

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