ArtCliff welcomes back diner faithful

Denise Halpin is the first customer - Dave Plath, MV Times

The ArtCliff Diner is sporting a new look and a shiny sign that reads, “Opening for the Season.” 

Though they were set to open at 7 am on Thursday, Sept. 21, they were greeted by a fully formed line of eager customers promptly at 6:30 am. 

“It’s good to be back,” Susan Watson, shift leader and manager at the diner, told The Times during opening day. “Especially after that 6:30 rush.”

The popular diner had been closed for about two years during renovations.

New changes to the diner include a new takeout window; it is fully wheelchair-accessible, and there are interior and exterior renovations. However, owner Gina Stanley hoped to preserve the authentic 1980s Island aesthetic the diner had. So the diner has stayed the same size, kept its old barstools, and utilized its old glass bottles as new decorations.

Seasonal resident Paul Bleicher, in line at the ArtCliff on opening day, said he was happy to wait. “We’re willing to wait for an hour or two, because the ambiance is wonderful, and the food is fantastic. It’s an iconic place for us.” 

Though Bleicher adores the way the ArtCliff used to be, as the spot remains a must-go for him and his family, he remains hopeful for the future. “I haven’t been inside, and the menu, I hope, is just as good,” he said. “But we’re mostly excited that it’s simply open.”

Daughter and son of previous owner Cliff Luce, Kathy Duys and Sanderfield (“Sandy”) Luce, feel similarly optimistic about the renovations and reopening of the diner. “They did a really nice job,” Luce said. Kathy continued, “My dad’s heart would be filled.”


  1. Many years ago, the ArtCliff was often jokingly referred to as the BarfCliff. My daughter, at about age 6, announced at the counter that it should be named the YumCliff. We always got great t service after that day.

  2. Had breakfast this morning at the Art Cliff. No other place compares!
    It was just like old times, enjoying the wonderful Chicken Hash. Gina is the most creative cook; there are so many tempting items on her menu.
    The place was packed; we had to wait, but it has always been worth it. Bravo, Gina!

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