Campground driver sued by injured pedestrian

David Murphy was arrested in September on multiple charges. —Courtesy Oak Bluffs Police

An Oak Bluffs woman is suing a driver who allegedly caused her injury while driving erratically through the Campground last month.

Lorna Welch, a resident of Wesleyan Grove in Oak Bluffs, filed a complaint with Dukes County Superior Court against David Murphy on Tuesday, Sept. 26. 

Murphy was arrested in September on charges of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, operating to endanger, leaving the scene of property damage, and four counts of wanton property destruction. According to police, Murphy allegedly sped through the Campground and tried to hit people. 

Murphy was arrested by Oak Bluffs Police on Saturday, Sept. 9, and his case is going through the Edgartown District Court. 

Meanwhile, in the superior court complaint, Welch said that she was walking on Wesleyan Grove, a public way closed to vehicles, when Murphy allegedly drove up on the walkway. According to the suit, Welch had to run out of the way to avoid being struck by the vehicle, and suffered ligament tears in her knee.

The suit states Welch also sustained mental injuries, incurred over $50,000 in medical expenses, and could not work. 

Welch is being represented by Luke Mitcheson, an attorney from the law firm Morgan & Morgan.

“Ms. Welch was walking down a pedestrian street, in an area that was supposed to be safe and off-limits to vehicles, when she was forced off the walkway,” Mitcheson said in a statement. “Being almost mowed down by a drunk driver caused Ms. Welch to suffer severe injuries. We are fighting on behalf of our client to hold this driver accountable for his alleged recklessness.”

Welch is asking for a jury trial against Murphy on the count of motor vehicle negligence.