Island Home unavailable Wednesday morning

The Island Home will be substituted by the Gay Head. — MV Times

The Steamship Authority (SSA) will be substituting the passenger ferry Island Home with the freight ferry Gay Head on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

According to an online post, this is being done for scheduled engine maintenance work. The Island Home is expected to be unavailable starting at 8:15 am, with an expected return to service beginning with the 1:15 pm departure from Woods Hole. 

“While no trips are canceled, there will be limited passenger capacity,” the announcement reads. “Please plan accordingly if you normally take the boat for your commute.” 

SSA staff also warned passengers aboard the 5 pm Island Home trip from Vineyard Haven on Tuesday about the change, recommending people who need to commute to work via ferry to get in line a little earlier than usual. 


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