Early morning trucks are problematic


To the Editor:

Your neighbors in Falmouth are becoming increasingly upset at the very heavy and noisy septic tanks that you are sending through Falmouth residential neighborhoods at 6:15 to 6:25 am on a regular basis.

What part of being a good neighbor justifies your consent for such disruptive freight scheduling, and impact on your neighbors’ residential neighborhoods and homes? Many of us have school-age children in our homes.

Please see video and audio of such a septic tank on Nov. 13, passing through Woods Hole and Falmouth: youtu.be/iakYhtByPcc.

The current rule is that freight trucks longer than 40 feet will not be scheduled on the 5:30 am ferry from Woods Hole village.

Could Vineyard leaders please request that SSA freight schedulers apply the same rule on the 5:30 am freight boat originating in Vineyard Haven?

Please consider that there is a large difference between what you can do and what is the right thing to do by your neighbors.

Nat Trumbull