Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 6 – 10, 2023



Nov. 9, A. Bodwin Van Riper sold 0 Cygnet Way and 0 Beach Lot to Vincent P. Melvin and Cathryn A. Melvin for $365,000. 


Nov. 7, David B. Murphy sold 12 Caleb Pond Road to Pitot Ottley LLC for $14,000,000. 

Nov. 7, Stephen E. Cirillo, trustee of Harborside Inn Condominium Trust, sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 511 Week 35 to Jonathan T. Winslow, Celeste Eid Rustom Winslow, and Cierra-Mechelle Gonzales Winslow, trustees of Thatch Winslow Family Trust, for $18,747. 

Nov. 7, Margaret Mackie-Ciancio, trustee of Ciancio Family Revocable Trust, sold 20 Mill Hill Road to MSK LLC for $1,000,000. 

Nov. 7, Robert M. Nickerson sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 252 Week 18 to Dale L. Hamilton Powers for $3,500. 

Nov. 8, David L. Taylor, trustee of Brushy Lane Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold 21 Brushy Lane to Mitchell A. Hardenbrook and Kristin A. Hardenbrook for $1,950,000. 

Nov. 9, Howard H. Swartz and Beth A. Swartz sold 11 Plains Court to Andrius Jurkunas and Ula V. Jurkunas for $3,150,000. 


Nov. 9, Woodland Center LLC sold 455 State Road Unit 17 to Gary R. Coolbirth for $120,000. 

Nov. 9, Isabelle Lew, trustee of Oyster Nominee Trust, sold 1115 Main St. to Paul James Schumacher and Amy Schumacher, trustees of Paul James Schumacher Revocable Trust and Amy Schumacher Revocable Trust, for $8,875,000.