Fuel dumping near Vineyard


To the Editor:

As a frequent visitor to M.V., and having many friends there, it stung especially when I read on WCAI’s website that a large plane just dumped 6,000 gallons of fuel into the ocean not far from your Island. I wasn’t aware that planes and cruise ships are doing this often, and without repercussions. I find this deeply disturbing and unacceptable.

I cringe anytime I hear about an accidental oil spill, but it feels utterly irresponsible to intentionally dump extra fuel.

Should airlines and cruise ship companies not be able to properly assess their need for fuel for a planned route?

It seems to me that anyone dumping or spilling fuel should be paying huge fines to help pay for ocean cleanup projects. This is from a concerned immigrant in Maine.


Brigitta Wiesel
East Baldwin, Maine