No charges filed from Five Corners demonstration

The local district attorney considered the swastika sign to be free speech, not a hate crime.

Protesters hold signs and chant at Five Corners. —Daniel Greenman

The Cape and Islands District Attorney and the local Tisbury Police Department will not be bringing charges after a man brought a sign with a swastika to a demonstration in Tisbury on Sunday.

Last week, Tisbury Police released a statement and a completed police report, saying that their investigation had wrapped up, and officers found there was no crime.

The incident occurred on Sunday at Five Corners in Vineyard Haven, at 12:07 pm. The report states that a man identified as Christian Quebec brought the sign — which displayed an image signifying anti-Semitism — to where demonstrators were calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Police say that within a minute, protesters approached Quebec, and one identified as Natalie Kais destroyed the sign. 

The police did not offer insight into why Quebec brought the sign to the demonstration, but Quebec has since sent a letter to The MV Times explaining his decision, seen in today’s editorial section.

The report states that after the incident, Kais told officers that she thought it was legal to destroy the sign because she thought the sign was a hate crime.

“[Officers] advised her that this [sign] did not meet the standard of a hate crime, and Quebec has the right to express his beliefs as [long] as he does not incite the group,” the police report states. 

Tisbury Police Sergeant Ed St. Pierre was the reporting officer. 

“The simple display of a flag, sign, or symbol is deemed protected speech via the First Amendment, and without a criminal act accompanying the display, is not considered a hate crime,” a press release issued by the department on Tuesday states.

Police say that taking and destroying the sign could be considered assault and malicious destruction of property, but Quebec declined to press charges of assault.

Quebec also told police that he did not want to participate in the protest, and wanted to leave the area. “I [told Quebec that he was] free to leave, and if he decides to protest, he can do so at an alternate location across the street, and not in the middle of [the protest] group,” the report states. Quebec then left the area, and did not return.

The police department’s report was then sent to Cape and Islands District Attorney Rob Galibois. The D.A. told The Times Tuesday morning that his office had declined to investigate.

“While [this] exercise of free speech is abhorrent, no crime was committed,” Galibois said. Galibois added that if new, relevant information comes up, his office would be obligated to review it. 

The Tisbury Police report also states that the D.A. agreed with their assessment that a hate crime did not occur. 

Police also say that David Mintz, the protest organizer, told Tisbury Police shortly after the protest that he had received texts from an unknown number. The texts to Mintz included a photo of the swastika being held up at the protest, and texts accusing Mintz of supporting the display of the swastika. “Maybe you should move to Iran with your views and see how that goes?” the text read.

Mintz did not want police to take any action.


  1. Please study history. From 1920 to 1945 the swastica was the symbol of murder unless you were a white Aryan. No one dared to destroy that flag until 1939 and look what happened, Germany murdered about 30 million people defending that flag. So if you see that flag feel free to destroy it. Yes, you might face charges, but look what happens when history shows us the alternative of not destroying it.

  2. Someone should point out to Christian Quebec that demonstrations generally support one point of view. At last year’s rallies in support of Ukraine, we were not obligated to fly a Russian flag. At rallies in support of abortion rights, we are not obligated to carry signs from the anti-choice movement. At rallies for a particular political candidate, we are not obligated to bring signs supporting that candidate’s opponent.

    However, if Mr. Quebec had wanted to introduce another point of view to the rally, he might have brought an Israeli flag or a sign opposing a ceasefire. Even after reading his letter, I don’t understand why he thought it was a good idea to bring a swastika to a rally in support of the Palestinians of Gaza. The swastika is an extremely loaded and inflammatory symbol. If you’re going to bring one to a rally, you’d best figure out in advance what point you’re trying to make.

    • This gathering was not comparable to those exclusively supporting Ukraine. No one who is pro-Ukraine was pretending to also be pro-Russia. They chose a side honestly.

      Here we are being told, falsely, that a ceasefire is a universal move towards peace for all sides. That it will benefit Israelis and Palestinians alike in the end. If that’s sincere, why is only one side’s safety and interests being represented in practice? Why is only one side’s flag worthy? Pretty telling.

      To display the Palestinian flag alone is admitting that the ceasefire favors Gaza, not Israel. Not the hostages. Gaza isn’t the sole land under attack recently. The other, Israel, has been promised more bloodshed. That’s constantly ignored.

      Disclaimer: I wasn’t there. I only know what I read on these pages. But if it’s true that Ceasefire MV was using “from the river to the sea”, they’re both pro-Hamas and pro-genocide of Jews. That’s what the slogan means.

      Decent people do not use it, let alone peaceful people. The more I read about this, the more is revealed.

      • I take back what I said about the promotional framing of this. Originally, someone described it as an intended ‘rally for peace’, which I think led to confusion. To the expectation that both flags would make an appearance. Clearly the peace angle was always one-sided.

        The organizer has also been implying that his way is about breaking a cycle of violence for all. As if Israel will benefit someday. As it this is the only sound, gentle path. On Ceasefire MV’s sparse site, however, the stated goal is to strip Israel of aid. Of a defense.

        That will leave their children open to the promised rape, torture, and murder by Hamas.
        Perhaps the pro-Hamas label will make more sense now to those who objected to its use. But probably not.

        Either way, I’m not surprised. Not after the mention of dismantling Israel in Mintz’s letter. But I think some are still under the impression that this group is more harmless than is realistic. And that’s dangerous.

  3. And sometimes the reasoning for doing something stupid is stupid because the source is, to be honest, one can short of a six pack.

    What bothers me more is when the source is not stupid, but is equally vile in hating/not caring about what happens to Israel and Jewish people.

    For instance, when feminists are right there for every issue, from abortion rights to Ukraine to anti-roundabout, but forget to speak up and support Israel with the passion they are known for, and instead ignore the girls and women, particularly the pretty young ones who were targeted, when they were so brutally raped their bones were broken before they were slaughtered and paraded in the streets for cheering crowds to spit on and desecrate. #MeToo, unless you’re a Jew.

    What also bothers me more is when antisemitism is so systemic in a community that fancies itself “caring”, that a member of the clergy, THE CLERGY, can publicly express their anti-Israel view, and think that is part of a thanksgiving message about forgiveness and morality. Am I the only one to notice:

    “Israel treats Palestinians as second class citizens, Hamas attacks Israel, and Israel kills thousands in Gaza.” What??

    20% of the population in Israel is Arab. Arab Israelis, including the 1.5 million Muslims, enjoy all the rights and freedoms in Israel of other citizens and residents. But, let’s make a blanket, untrue statement to fuel more Jew-hatred.

    Let’s also boil down the October 7th pogrom to an “attack”, not looking at ash that was once a Jewish child, so we can get to the point of every antisemite on Martha’s Vineyard and the rest of the world. “Israel kills thousands in Gaza.” Yes, this is true. And it is predicated on a falsehood and a minimizing of horrors that prove Israel must defend itself to survive.

    But wait, there’s more. “Russia wants more territory and attacks Ukraine. Ukraine has to fight back.”

    You see, Ukraine HAS to fight back. Israel? Not so much.

    Jewish people understand the lack of support more than you know. NEVER FORGET is exactly right. Jews don’t want pity over the holocaust dead, or even outrage over a vile symbol, although yes, it had to be said. But what we’d really like is your support in preventing another holocaust. And we know we mostly ain’t gonna get it, except from folks like the few who’ve spoken out so eloquently in recognition of Israel’s right and fight to exist and defend herself. My heart and very soul thank these dearest people, none of whom I actually know, except for here. ❤️

    • “But wait, there’s more. “Russia wants more territory and attacks Ukraine. Ukraine has to fight back.”

      You see, Ukraine HAS to fight back. Israel? Not so much.”

      Jackie, I noticed the exact same things in that letter. The wording when referring to Israel, as opposed to every other army in the world, is full of blame.

      I’ve also been disgusted with the #metoo crowd. The same women who want men fired for telling bad jokes on Twitter (ten years ago at that) have found it easy to ignore the most brutal form of assault imaginable.

      I believe recognizing the sadism behind these rapes is key to understanding what Hamas really is, but people refuse to look. To listen. It would screw with their ability to insist the same monsters are seeking freedom.

      No. They feel entitled to virgins, to females, here and in the afterlife. They only look to conquer and debase; to treat Jews as objects. There’s no possible way they could be any more overt, and still they are depicted as sympathetic.

      America said never again. Now is the time to prove it.


  4. Jackie.
    You seem to be digging a lot faster than I
    am, and appear to be completely unravelling
    over this issue.
    Feminist were anti roundabout ????? WHAT ???
    They don’t support the people of Israel ?
    They ” ignore the girls and women, particularly the
    pretty young ones who were targeted,”
    What does that mean ?
    You only care about “pretty young women”
    who are Jewish ?
    Really—- do don’t mention the less than
    beautiful Jewish men of all ages who were also
    brutally murdered. Not once have you expressed
    any concern for them. But you have mentioned
    the “pretty women” before.
    Are the lives of men not as important
    as the lives of the women you repeatedly
    refer to. You have posted the stories
    of women getting slaughtered but have not once
    graphically described the deaths of any men.
    Jackie– I am tired of you accusing me
    of being a hateful anti semite because I
    disagree with some of your opinions
    and I did not call for an immediate crushing
    military response that has already resulted in the
    brutal deaths of thousands of women and children
    who have been dismembered and burned alive
    by Israeli strikes from safe distances.
    I am sure some of them were pretty.
    But you likely think their lives are worth much less
    than a “pretty” Jewish girl.
    I don’t — an ugly innocent Palestinian girl
    has as much right to live as a pretty innocent
    Jewish girl.
    Shut it down–
    By your lack of support for any men who have been
    brutally murdered, and your attack on “feminist”
    clearly shows you are not thinking clearly about this.
    Perhaps it was your religious upbring. I don’t
    know, but it is clear.
    Your rampant Islamophobia has been clear from
    the beginning.
    Your hatred of men is just emerging.
    And please tell me that you think positively
    about men so I can use your words to me;
    “how dare you” —
    Greta would be embarrassed
    that you used her words to slander me.
    Given your recent rhetoric it seems likely
    you are an aint environmentalist also.
    Greta after all is not a pretty Jewish woman.

    You also mentioned something about me having
    Japanese friends.
    Can you throw some hatred towards them also ?

  5. I have noticed that none of the Palestinian
    hating Zionist here have mentioned
    anything about the 23 Thai nationals that were
    working on a farm in Israel on that morning.
    They were awoken, rounded up and executed
    while the Israeli security forces assigned to
    protect them watched the incident on a closed
    circuit security system.
    One can only conclude that no mention of
    that incident or sympathy for them means they
    hate Thai people.
    I have not seen any concern by those who
    accuse every person who expresses any sympathy
    for the Palestinian people of being antiemetic,
    for any of the victims who were not Jewish.
    They seem only to be focused on rehashing the
    graphic details about the murders of “pretty” Jewish
    women. No one else seems to matters to them.
    They don’t care about the death toll in Gaza.
    They claim the numbers are inflated.
    Well, Israel recently revived it’s death toll
    down from 1400 to 1200. They might revise
    it down again. We know that Mr. Netanyahu
    is capable of lying.
    They are so blinded by hate that they opposed
    a deal to get some of the hostages released.
    Now— I am not saying that every Jew feels this
    way anymore than I would say that all white
    people are racist because a few of them
    go into churches, synagogues, and grocery stores
    to murder people .
    But I am calling out the radical few who jast
    hatefully lash out at anyone who disagrees with them,
    and label them antisemites.
    That is not acceptable in our society.
    Hatred is not the answer.
    I have personally received what every person
    I have shown it to clearly regards as hate mail.
    We can have a discussion.
    I ask that those who post hateful comments
    here to tone it down.

  6. A few of the island’s liberal left attack me with lies because I am a Jewish person supporting Israel’s right to exist and defend itself against an enemy sworn to destroy it and all Jews on the planet. Some will admit Israel has a right to exist, but that Israel should not defend that right too much, leaving itself open to more pogroms. Jews can fight back a little, until island keyboard warriors have said stop. Have I got that right, antisemites?

    Here are some of the lies about me for supporting Israel:

    I hate Muslims.
    I hate Arabs.
    I hate Palestinians.
    I hate “goyim”, a Yiddish word meaning, “non-Jews”, that was used here, even though it is often used as a slur.
    I am in favor of a genocide in Gaza.
    I don’t want the bombing of innocent civilians to end.
    I don’t care about the released Thai hostages.
    I am Islamaphobic– (took a while to finally get to this one).
    I don’t care about anyone who isn’t Jewish.
    I only care about pretty, Jewish girls.
    I plagiarized “How dare you” from the antisemitic darling of the liberal left.
    I hate men.

    What’d I leave out?

    Here’s what I do actually hate:

    I will support Israel’s right to defend itself until the day i die. And I will never forget who the antisemites of Martha’s Vineyard truly are, making justifications for what Hamas did on October 7th, “We don’t support Hamas, BUT…” Never seen so much contradiction and undeniable anti-Israel viewpoints, if not anti-Jew. One guy even slipped up in another thread when criticizing Israel and wrote, THE JEWS instead of “Israeli government policy”. That happens a lot.

    Now that his Vineyard 15 minutes have hopefully passed, Mintz was right about one thing. The world does not side with Israel. Or Jews. Believe me when I tell you, WE KNOW.

    • In international law, Israel, as an occupying power, has no right to self-defense.

      In international law, Palestine, and Palestinians, have a right to self-defense. In particular, Gaza, an acknowledged open-air concentration camp, has a right to resistance and self-defense.

      This point has been made repeatedly in various venues, but does not seem to have stuck.

      • Yes, this point has been made by pro-Hamas people, over and over, calling the placing of a baby in an oven in front of the parents and turning the temperature to 500 degrees an act of brave freedom fighters. What do your sources on international law say about kidnapping babies from the arms of the mom and dad who are now slaughtered? What’s the deal, legally, i mean, on entering a home and burning alive whole families until there’s nothing left to identify from the ash? Or selling kidnapped babies to another terrorist organization because it’s a good asset for the kill-all-the-Jews-u-can cause? Can you cite a link?

        Yes, I’m still traumatized and grieving, although some have told me, “enough already”.

      • Gaza is occupied by Hamas. Hamas has kept Gaza poor, unemployed, and indoctrinated into a death cult.

        Who wants a 2 state solution? Who will never entertain the idea? Who stole billions in aid meant to benefit civilian residents, and instead built a military infrastructure under hospitals and schools, against international law on war crimes?

        Why blame Israel for what terrorists have done to their own people?

  7. The other day I watched a video from the West Bank where a young child, maybe 5 or 6, dressed like a miniature terrorist, was urged on by the man recording, the father, I guess, to approach the 2 or 3 armed IDF guards at the border and throw rocks. It was in Arabic so I didn’t understand, but the man urging the child was screaming at the child and the child would approach the guards with rocks in hand and then turn around and then go back, clearly reluctant to do what the screaming man was telling him to do. This went on and finally the child threw a rock and ran back to the man. The guards did nothing.

    What struck me, and since this was the West Bank, it could have been the other way around with a Jewish settler father encouraging his young son to throw rocks at Palestinians, was this:

    No child wants to do what the man was screaming for him to do. Children are not born to hate. Children make reluctant terrorists. They have to be carefully taught to hate, going against their nature. Just like the song says, it has to be drummed in their dear little head. But make no mistake, they learn what they are taught.

    I believe in and hope for a two-state solution as the only solution. But both states must agree, even though every previous offer has always been rejected. Looking ahead, as long as there is the well-funded Hamas, it seems an impossibility until they are removed from power. I am grateful for the ceasefire and releasing of hostages. Mercy is wisdom and it trumps principles of bargaining with the devil. Save one life, save the world. I hope the ceasefire holds until all the hostages are released, and what happens next is up to the terrorists, really. There is no mercy on the other side, only propaganda being devoured by the West, including on Martha’s Vineyard, and a blind hatred of Jews so intense they are willing to sacrifice their own dear little Palestinian innocents.

    There will not be another October 7th. Never again.

  8. We can certainly agree on one thing ,Jackie
    hatred is learned.
    I have not seen that video, but we agree,
    the actions of the adult are deplorable.
    I wonder how early in life the armed “settlers”
    learned they were justified to take the land
    of someone who is “not like them” , destroy
    their livelihoods and be willing to kill them
    if they object.
    Who taught them that ,Jackie ?
    At what age ?
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again
    Violence begets violence.
    Even here in America, education of
    hate is in full swing.
    I’m sure none of the true “patriots” showed
    this one to their kids;

    And let me go record here as condemning the shooting
    of 3 Palestinian men in Burlington Vt.
    How about you ? it seems you might need a little
    prompting. Or not.

  9. I can’t help but notice the word, “Zionist”, when it is used as an antisemitic smear tactic, as it is in this thread.

    “Zionism is about the pursuit of an independent Jewish state. The word is derived from Zion, a hill near the city of Jerusalem. But nowhere near all Jews live in Israel and not all inhabitants of Israel are Jewish. …A Zionist is someone who strives for an independent Jewish state. To many religious Jews, Israel is ‘the promised land’. But many non-religious Jews, too, value the fact that there is a country where Jews can live in freedom and safety. Nowadays, the word Zionist is often used as a swearword. As a negative label. Many Palestinians and supporters of the Palestinian cause no longer distinguish between the words ‘Jew’, ‘Israeli’ and ‘Zionist’. That is not correct. Most Jews do not live in Israel. Not every inhabitant of Israel is Jewish; there are also many non-Jews living in Israel. And not all Jewish Israelis are ‘settlers’ who want to conquer more and more Palestinian land. The vast majority of Jews believe that the State of Israel should continue to exist. But many Jews, both living in Israel and elsewhere, are in favour of a Palestinian state alongside Israel as a possible solution to the conflict. To cut a long story short: although many Jews identify with Zionism, there are still many different points of view. That is reason enough not to mix up the words ‘Jew’, ‘Israelis’ and ‘Zionists’.”, written before 10/7.

    Zionism is to most Jewish people what “Free Palestine” is to most Palestinians. The way things are now, after Israel signed agreements several times for a 2 state solution since the early 1900s, and Arab leaders refused each and every offer, we are still stuck with the “From the river to the sea” attitude that will not accept the existence of any part of a Jewish homeland. And “Zionists” are the bad guys… according to antisemites, even Jewish antisemites.

    For some reason, the wish for a homeland for Palestine has overtaken the world in support. The wish for a homeland for Jews, is somehow damned. Why? Everyone in the world recognizes the longing for a protected homeland, except that Jews aren’t allowed to have this, and if they do have it, they are not supposed to protect it too much.

    There are many Muslim countries in the world; 22 in the Middle East area alone. There is one Jewish state. The longing for and protection of the ancient, original homeland of the Jews is seen as “zionism”– a slur… by antisemites all over the world, including on Martha’s Vineyard.

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