America will protect against state-sponsored religion 


To the Editor:

Please check the factual basis of your essayist’s claims. Jack Fruchtman warns that the U.S. “may well be on the road to becoming a Christian nation in which all other religions, agnostics, and atheists are residing here as guests.” This is nonsense, as demonstrated by the fact that America’s Christian portion of the population has dropped from approximately 90 percent in 1990 to less than 65 percent today. Furthermore, as constitutional attorney Fruchtman presumably knows, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects its citizens from state-sponsored religion and restrictions on religious freedom. While it is overwhelmingly apparent that the Christian right and adolescent left control grossly disproportionate political power, American citizens seeking a more balanced perspective will vote as necessary to free ourselves from self-destructive extremism, while confronting the pervasive incompetencies, recklessness, religious influences, and corruption infecting government.


Dusty Burke
Oak Bluffs