State studying Beach Road, Five Corners improvements

Five Corners is an area on the Island that floods easily on Martha's Vineyard. —Eunki Seonwoo

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) will hold its first public meeting on planned alternatives for Beach Road on Wednesday, Dec. 6, at 6:30 pm. 

The state project, launched in June this year, is called the “Martha’s Vineyard Beach Road Study.”

According to the state’s announcement, the study is being conducted to develop conceptual alternatives intended to improve climate resiliency and safety along Beach Road, including Five Corners. 

The study is expected to develop conceptual alternatives by the end of this winter.

The upcoming meeting, which will be held virtually and is open to the public, will go over existing conditions in the Beach Road, including flood vulnerability and road safety and operations for traffic and bicyclists. The state will also provide an overview of next steps. 

“This planning study precedes the project development process and will include opportunities for public input on existing conditions and proposed alternatives,” the announcement reads. “A Working Group of local stakeholders will inform the MassDOT team on local perspectives throughout the study.”

MassDOT has already held two working group meetings regarding the study. The meeting and documents can be viewed here

Advanced registration is required to attend the meeting, which can be done at

Public comments can be sent to or spoken during the meeting.


  1. Please consider the traffic pattern at this intersection. For way too long VH has been just ignoring this situation, as well as, the Edgartown/State road intersection. If you enter these intersections, and follow driving laws, you will never get through them if you are coming from the SSA or Chicken Alley, forget about the Black Dog. A roundabout of some kind seems to be a good working solution. Also, please increase the lighting in this area, you can’t see people in the crosswalks at night. There are plenty of options that will do this and not cause light pollution.

  2. Boch Park is the “only” attractive feature there right now. At least the owners there stepped up to make that area lush and perfectly landscaped. What an improvement from before.

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