Energy providers offer benefits to ratepayers

Vineyard Power and Cape Light Compact are offering benefits to ratepayers.

Vineyard Power and Cape Light Compact announced in a press release the launch of an initiative to deliver monetary benefits to eligible ratepayers on Martha’s Vineyard. 

Funding for the initiative comes in part from a program established by the Boston-based Citizens Energy Corporation and offshore wind developer Vineyard Wind, which is aimed at increasing resiliency at critical facilities, and helping ratepayers in communities near the Vineyard Wind project. Participants can expect to receive between $300 and $400 per year on average. 

Vineyard Power program analyst Sophie Pittaluga told The Times the “direct benefits,” like checks, have already started rolling out. 

The “direct-cost benefits” will be delivered to households earning less than 60 percent of the area median income on the Vineyard. 

Income-eligible ratepayers must be enrolled in the Eversource utility discount rate, called R2 and R4, and on the Cape Light Compact’s power supply to receive these benefits. 

According to the release, the compact chooses recipients by reviewing annual electricity usage and voluntary renewable energy certificates generated by renewable resources located outside New England. 

To sign up for the Eversource utility discount rates, call 800-592-2000, or follow the application instructions at  

To sign up for the Cape Light Compact power supply, call 800-381-9192 or follow the power supply application instructions at

For more information, or for assistance signing up for the programs, contact Vineyard Power at 508-693-3002, or


    • Define hard work.
      Physically hard as in ditch digger or mentally hard like a doctor or a rocket scientist?
      Rate relief for the educationally challenged?

    • John. Let’s say you have that traditional family with the traditional values that republicans used to have. That would be a male, married to a female. (good so far ?) Let’s say they are Christians and they have a 6 month old daughter. They feel strongly that they don’t want their child to be indoctrinated by the “deep state” and the liberal “education system”, so they decide that the mother should stay home and properly raise their child free from the evil influences of the liberals and Christian haters — at least until the age of 6 –( still with me ?)
      Did I mention they are in their 20’S ?
      So dad wasn’t born with that silver spoon, couldn’t afford to go to college, didn’t want to take on tens of thousands of dollars in student debt ( keep out of debt is a good Christian and republican thing to do, right ? ) So he has a high school diploma and works at the local lumber yard. He works hard, puts in his 40 hours a week making $25 an hour. That, by the way, is well over the $15 that those good family oriented republicans fought tooth and nail to keep lower.
      So here we have this young family with a dedicated mother ( that used to be considered a good thing ) and a hard working father that qualifies for this program. And all you can do is complain that they are not hard working people.
      I’m not surprised.

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