Tiny Tim saves the day

Oak Bluffs library staff in the front row from the left are Anna Marie D'Addarie, Shivonne Schofield, and Adaliah Phelan. Back row from the left, Allyson Malik, Jonathan Burke, Claire Phelan, Mary Jane Aldrich, and Marco Daniels. —Courtesy Jonathan Burke

The Oak Bluffs Public Library staff brought down the house with their performances of Doris Baizley’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” The staff’s adaptation followed the general story line, with a few comedic twists. The actor portraying Tiny Tim had been fired for eating the Christmas dinner, and there was no Scrooge initially, as that actor had decided to remain in New York City. But these impasses were circumvented by the professional company, and with the help of one 8-year-old.

Scrooge, played by Allyson Malik, director of the library, was as hard and cold as ever until given a new spirit through the ministrations of the ghosts of Christmas Past and Christmas Present, played by Mary Jane Aldrich, assistant children’s librarian. Scrooge’s deceased business partner Marley — doomed to roam the world in the chains he forged in life — was played by Marco Daniels, administrative assistant at the library. Jonathan Burke, library assistant, played Scrooge’s nephew Fred, and Shivonne Schofield, circulation director, was Mrs. Fred. Claire Phelan, library assistant, portrayed Mrs. Fezziwig, and assisted in the costumes.

Tiny Tim was played by Phelan’s daughter Adaliah, who “volunteered” for the role from the audience when the regular Tiny Tim’s firing was announced. Adaliah would shout out the story’s famous line “God bless us every one” later in the show.

The play was the creation of Anna Marie D’Addarie, library assistant and a professional theater director. The performances were held in the Oak Bluffs library meeting room, on Dec. 9 and 10, to full houses. If the applause was an indication, the audience rated Ms. D’Addarie’s show and the amateur thespian staff a resounding success.