‘Soul awareness’

Explore your psycho-spiritual nature with Constance Messmer at the West Tisbury library.

Transformational speaker Constance Messmer offers a series of monthly talks focusing on psycho-spiritual development and empowerment. —Melissa Knowles

To talk to Constance Messmer is to be excited by the work that she does as a transformational speaker, focusing on psycho-spiritual development and empowerment. While she has chosen the topics for her upcoming series at the West Tisbury library, once a month through April, it’s ultimately spirit who will be guiding the discussion … as is true throughout her work in the field.

Messmer, who has worked with private clients and small groups since 1996, says, “It’s time for me to teach on a larger scale, which means closing my door to private sessions. I get all my directives from higher up. And although I’ve taken creative sabbaticals over the years, I’ve had the pull to do large group work for several years now.”

Her first large foray began in 2022, when Messmer began her “Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer” podcast, in which she uses her own experience and expertise in spiritual and mystical arenas to share practical psychic — or soul — lessons that can help us tap into our inner resources to better navigate life and the world. Currently, Messmer is converting the podcast episodes to YouTube video content to broaden her reach: “It’s really about the transformation of the planet, which I say in all humility, because I get all my information from higher up.” She emphasizes, “I am just the messenger. My work is to empower.”

Messmer’s December session focused on “Telepathic Communication” (a.k.a. interpsychic rapport), and how people can themselves have the experience of communicating not just with those who have passed, but others in our lives who are with us today, be that family members, coworkers, or our beloved animals. She focused on how we read each other’s thoughts quite often, and shared tools and skills to strengthen our abilities.

The undeniably attractive topic for Sunday, Jan. 21, at 2:30 pm, is “Realigning with Your Best Self,” which is how to use our whole human potential. Messmer will address sourcing information — how to go within for inner wisdom, and outside of ourselves. “It’s about knowing where to go for what kind of guidance, and to recognize that when people are getting frustrated in their life — whether that’s feeling depressed or being scattered, etc., if we tap into all our abilities, it will make life a lot easier. We all have sources that are on a spiritual level that we’re not always taking advantage of.”

Messmer is speaking about “Sensitive and Psychic Kids” on Sunday, Feb. 18, at 2:30 pm. “I think this is a huge thing. A lot of kids are having a hard time, say, at school, because they’re super-sensitive and highly empathic. I think there are more kids who are being born aware and open. I want to give these families or teachers some pointers to help empower the kids — as well as the teachers and the parents,” she says.

On Saturday, March 9, at 3:30 pm, Messmer will address “Sensitive Souls & Empaths. Anxiety, Trauma & Empowerment,” which is about helping people who are empaths or sensitive souls — the folks who might have been told they were overly sensitive, or cry too much. “A lot of these people might be having trouble with food allergies, crying at the drop of a hat, or having issues with crowds. Everything is made up of energy, not only interactions with other people, but spaces, food, and the planet. Once you recognize how you respond to all of that, you can lessen the overwhelm.” She will be speaking about energy fields and how to be better energy caretakers for ourselves, which can help us in our day-to-day actions and experiences when we otherwise might want to hide physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.

Saturday, April 27, at 3:30 pm, is reserved for “Psychospiritual Empowerment,” where folks who are working on their psychic development, spiritual practice, and inner knowing can ask Messmer anything about the process or experience. It will be a discussion on the “how-to” of soul work, and there might be spirit messages for the group.

The content, not surprisingly, for all the talks will depend on who shows up. Messmer says, “Spirit always does this to me, saying, ‘Here is the basics, and now we’re going to throw you a curve ball.’ I will be tapping into people in the room for all of these. If nobody asks anything or has any questions, I’m sure I’ll be inspired to speak about something.”

Ultimately, Messmer hopes that we come away transformed and, most important, empowered, which is at the heart of her work: “It’s really important to me that people recognize this spiritual soul awareness is part of our human potential.” Lucky for us, even as she turns toward getting her message out to a greater audience, Messmer’s love for the West Tisbury library means we get a chance to experience her abilities in our own backyard.

The events are free and open to the public. For more information, email wt_mail@clamsnet.org. For more information about Constance Messmer, go to constancemessmer.com. The podcast “Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer” is available at bit.ly/soulwk.