Oak Bluffs: Aging, TBD Improv, mini golf at library, ACE MV, and Tony’s Market

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“At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover that they haven’t been thinking of us at all!” —Ann Landers 

Isn’t that the truth? It is one of the benefits of aging, I think, this shedding of being overly concerned about what people think. Ann Landers was the pen name taken by Eppie Lederer when she took over an advice column, “Ask Ann Landers,” in the Chicago Sun-Times in 1955. That column became so popular that she became a media celebrity, appearing on TV shows and magazine covers. She was always surprised about how much people liked her simple advice column.

Another great quote about life and aging came from George Bernard Shaw, who said, “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” We all know that laughter is the best medicine, and we have a new comedy show on-Island to provide us with the medicine. TBD Improv was formed in the spring of 2023. The troupe consists of seasoned performers, who offer “short-form” improvisation, which includes audience input, and always results in hilarity. TBD has performed at the Grange Hall, and they have upcoming shows on Jan. 19 and Feb. 16 at the Barn, Bowl & Bistro. Tickets are only $15, shows are at 7 pm. More info on their website: tbdimprov.com.

Congratulations and welcome to Amy Nelson, new programming coordinator at the Oak Bluffs library. Amy is a Massachusetts native who grew up visiting her grandfather’s home on the Vineyard. She moved to the Island after living in New Orleans for 10 years, where she ran her own company connecting the community with mental health resources. “Strength Training with Strong Martha” last Saturday was her first programming event, and it was great. I took the class, led by Emily Mizer from Strong Martha, and I can vouch for its effectiveness, as I felt muscles in my legs I didn’t know were there! The library plans to continue this class each month on the second Saturday. Look forward to more great programs also, like Pints & Putts this Friday night, Jan. 19. Register now, if you haven’t already, at the library, or check the website for details on how to buy tickets. The tickets are $18, or $30 for two, which includes 18 holes of mini-golf and a free beverage. Wine, beer, and food will be available for purchase also.

ACE MV is offering “Brazilian Portuguese Basics” classes on Thursday evenings, starting on Jan. 25 for six weeks. Instructor Maria Angela Moreira will teach the essentials for everyday conversation, and you will learn a bit about Brazilian culture along the way. Classes will be at MVRHS from 6 to 8 pm. You can register at acemv.org.

Who doesn’t go to Tony’s Market? It is definitely our go-to for essentials, for great sandwiches, coffee, and prepared dinners, and for those last-minute ingredients. Not to mention beautiful fresh flowers and seasonal treats. Kelly Hill has been the manager since 2001; she has a great staff, and does a wonderful job keeping the store stocked with just what we need! I just read an interview from 2017 with then owner Dave Richardson, where he recounted the history of Tony’s. It was started in 1877 by Tim Swift, who ran it in a room in his house. In 1926 he sold it to a man named Otto, who sold it in 1945 to Tony Veira. He named it Tony’s, he raised his family there, and ran it for 20 years, until he passed it down to his daughter and son-in-law, Gerry and Bill Correllus. Dave and Ellen Richardson bought it in 1992. The store kept evolving and expanding what they sell, and in 2021, Island Food Products bought it. But the name remains the same, a tribute to its origins as a family market. Imagine, it could have been called Otto’s! See ya at Tony’s!

Happy birthday to Liz Howe Brown on Jan. 18. On the 19th, we celebrate Marcia Valentzas, Sara Smestad, and Patti Linn. Blowing out candles on the 20th will be John Gonsalves, Mary Jean Connolly, and Nancy Rogers. The 21st is the special day for Catherine Deese, Talia Rogers, Tristan Araujo, and Samantha Greene. Holly Nadler gets birthday hugs on Jan. 23.

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