What Are You Watching? NFL Playoffs


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It’s the NFL playoffs! The prime time of the season, when all the best teams in the NFL square off against each other in a bracketed tournament to reach the pinnacle of all sports championship games: the Super Bowl! My wife, Denise, is British, and to her, football is soccer. She doesn’t understand football, or even show the slightest interest in it. I am actually not sure whether my being obsessed with the playoffs is well-received by her or not. In a recent conversation she asked me, “What are you doing Sunday?” I replied, “Watching football.” Denise: “Surely, not all day?” Me: “Yes, there is a noon game, an early evening game, and a night game!” Denise rolled her eyes and left the room.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we love spending time together on the weekends; however, I think that my secluding myself in a room all day with beer in hand and being glued to the “telly” affords her the opportunity to do whatever she wants for that one open, blank slate of a day (or in the case of the playoffs, the whole weekend — there are games on both Saturday and Sunday!). Or at least, that’s what I want to believe. I do love watching football, and during the season, there are games on Mondays, Thursdays, and of course, all day on Sundays. But many times, these games are matches between the likes of the Patriots and the Jets … underwhelming matchups, to say the least. The playoffs are a win-or-go-home situation. The best teams in each division, battling the best teams from other divisions, trying to survive the tournament and be the last team standing for the Super Bowl win and the coveted Lombardi Trophy. These types of quality matchups even get Denise’s thumbs-up and seal of approval (and permission to watch all the games like a caveman, in the dark, with only beer, food, and the “clicker”). And no, she won’t be watching with me — after all, it’s not “proper football.” (My prediction, or rather wishful thinking, is the Detroit Lions versus the Buffalo Bills (sorry, G.B.).