Housing committee makeup problematic


To the Editor:

It was with great sorrow that I read of the discomfort that the West Tisbury Select Board had with the affordable housing committee. As one of those experienced members that left the committee, I can say that it was a difficult decision brought about by the unwelcoming atmosphere by some of the newer members. 

A major issue was the incident concerning 401 State Road referred to in the article (MV Times, “Housing committee reprimanded,” Jan. 18). When the design of the project was offered to the committee, a number of us objected because it barely reflected what was requested from the designer. The design was defended by some members who appeared to have a conflict of interest, and thus were hardly unbiased in their opinion. On this and other issues, I felt that my input was no longer desired, and thus I resigned. 

In addition, I felt that my opinion was shared by other members, including and not least by the administrative assistant, whose loss to the committee was most egregious. 

I was approached to return, but even though I feel affordable housing is perhaps the most significant issue facing the town, given the current makeup of the committee, I could not.


Theodore Jochsberger

West Tisbury