Party cookies

These colorful cookies can turn any day into a celebration.


Funfetti cake mix was hugely popular when I was a kid. My 10-year-old self thought it was very luxurious and decadent to have a white cake filled with multicolored sprinkles, topped with frosting and extra sprinkles for my birthday cake. As I grew up, I learned a Funfetti cake was delicious, but not quite as classy as I thought it was.

After seeing a cookie recipe posted online using cake mix rather than cookie mix, I decided it would be perfect to try with the Funfetti. After checking both Stop & Shop stores for the mix with no luck, I found it at Reliable Market in Oak Bluffs. They had it, along with Betty Crocker’s version called “Party Rainbow Chip” mix. I decided to buy that because it was described as super moist on the packaging. If I was trying a new recipe, a little extra moisture wouldn’t hurt. With only four ingredients, the party cake cookies were incredibly easy to make and now that I know where to buy that mix, the next time they’ll be even easier.

One box of cake mix, 1 cup white chocolate chips, 1/2 cup of oil, and two eggs; mix it all together and make little balls, place them all on cookie sheets and bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes, but I wasn’t watching the clock closely. The batter made about 22 cookies. I was skeptical if the chocolate chips would create a nightmare to get the cookies off of the pan, so I put wax paper on the cookie sheet first, just in case.

The first of two batches came out of the oven and boy did they smell good! I got a little giddy that the experiment appeared to have worked and I had baked what I had hoped was my perfect cookie. I finished baking the rest of the dough, and set the cookies aside for dessert for my boyfriend and myself that evening.

The cookies were slightly crunchy and cookie-like on the outside with a soft and chewy cake-like interior. They had an amazing vanilla flavor and the white chips added extra sweetness. We both loved how they were slightly caramelized on the bottom. Of course, because they were loaded with colorful sprinkles, they were sure to make anyone smile!

I am looking forward to trying another combination of these cake-cookies. I would imagine you could use any flavor cake mix and whatever kind of chips you want and it would yield the same delicious results, plus you can customize using your own favorites.