Good governance equals meeting needs 


To the Editor:

Three years ago, the voters of West Tisbury approved using the town-owned property at 401 State Road for affordable housing. The small property is around a corner from my home. 

As I worked to round up those affirmative votes, many people asked me what would be built there. The affordable housing committee had not decided yet, but I was campaigning for housing for seniors with a sense of community — small apartments, and a community center for taking classes, meeting with friends for coffee, or just relaxing — doing the activities that could put a halt to the isolation that so endangers seniors. 

There is now a lovely design that does just that. The community will be surrounded by trees and lots of other greenery. It is the ideal location for seniors because of its walking distance to the market, Post Office, and available VTA service. And I think that this could be the model for similar developments elsewhere on the Island: small, compact, and friendly. 

The “not in my backyard” folks have had their say at public hearings, but the concerns they have voiced have been addressed by engineering know-how. It is time for the planning board (meeting at 5:30 pm on Feb. 12) to agree with the voters, and use this small parcel of land for what good governance is about: meeting the needs of the residents. 


Susan L. Silk
West Tisbury