Chilmark: Music and light


My dog fell ill, and as I write, is recovering from surgery and in the ICU at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital (Weymouth). They are an emergency care center, open 24 hours. I am exhausted. I am grateful for my vet Janet Ross. I am grateful the Steamship Authority treats veterinary emergencies as a medical emergency. I am grateful to Sarah Carr for covering my role in Sunday school, and for making a delicious loaded potato soup for this evening’s reception. I am grateful to Emily Broderick, the Rev. Charlotte Wright, Kathy Carroll, Andy Carr, Marie Wise, Nan Doty, and everyone else who helped with the Offerings of Music and Light.

Mum and I made the 3:45 pm ferry, the Offerings of Music and Light started at 5 pm, and we had to drop a dog we are taking care of for a friend off at the house. We arrived only 20 minutes late, and were thrilled to see so many cars, and that the room for the reception was prepared.
I caught the last few acts, and read Mary Oliver’s “Wild Geese” poem. During the reception, Jane Slater reminded me that her brother Conrad wrote poems about Menemsha. He was wonderful, and I am sorry to have forgotten his poetry. His book, “Up-Island Poems: Tales of a Life on Island and Sea,” is available on Amazon. I was so glad of the reminder. This was included in his obituary.

By Conrad Neumann

I was born to water
on an Island in the sea.
The surf outside the window
each night put me to sleep.
Waves against the shore
rumbled to cobbles
on the stormy coast.
The tide murmured as it passed
the red nun in the channel.
The offshore boulders
sang to the surf.
All these sounds and sights of water
are a symphony to me —
a voice that still reminds me
I’m adrift without the sea.

How lucky we are to live in a creative and caring community. I am lucky and I know it.

The Chilmark library’s program coordinator, Tracy Thorpe, has retired. I appreciated her art and the programs she curated. I am sorry to see her go, and I am also thrilled to the moon and back that Emily Davis is taking on the role. We are very lucky. Emily’s art is hanging.
Tessa Permar leads a fun dance class on Saturdays at the Chilmark library in February, the 10th, 17th, and 24th, at 1 pm. “Dance with Tessa” will include music and solo movement (no partner dancing), and feature fun warm-ups, gentle strength building, stretching, and a combination of choreography. Beginners welcome!
Tessa Permar is a movement teacher and choreographer raised on Martha’s Vineyard. She has choreographed in New York City, Chicago, Scotland, Israel, and locally. She welcomes all body types and abilities to her classes. Email or call 508-645-3360 for more information. 

Wishing you all a good week.