News article attempting to create a divide


To the Editor:

It appears the Edgartown School story missed the mark in a significant way.

Of over 184 concerns reported to the school committee in that letter, I believe there were only five that referenced “ELL” or “bilingual.” Of those, one was referencing high para and ELL support professional turnover rate; three were referencing a broader group, including students with disabilities, behavior disorders, and ELL students. Two were solely about the ELL population, and even then, both intimated that the concern is the school is not doing enough to plan and accommodate for that growing population.

Parents are NOT up in arms about the ELL population.

I do not appreciate the inflammatory way that this article, more than once, referenced a parent concern and then made it a point to add “that includes English language learners”; it also includes a lot of other groups. I feel this is attempting to create a divide where there isn’t one.


Elizabeth Zeller