Aquinnah: Town clerk, Council on Aging, new apartments, ACE MV, and Chilmark School

—MV Times

You may recall that last week was the presidential primary election. I am a registrar here in Aquinnah, and had the joy of watching a steady parade of people coming in to do their civic duty, even knowing that there wasn’t much of a contest going on. We have a great group of registrars who staff elections here, putting in long days (we don’t get to leave at night until all the votes are carefully counted), and checking and rechecking to make sure that all is in order.

For the past several years, we have been guided by the indefatigable town clerk, Gabriella Camilleri. Gabi has trained us, shepherded us, and fed us terrific food, keeping her careful eye on all the details every step of the way. She has had some major health issues for a few months now, and has finally had to decide to give up her position as town clerk, so this was her last election with us.

We have been lifted from our gloom by the appointment of the smart and savvy young Kayla Darcy as acting town clerk. Kayla has worked with us as a volunteer for many elections, and has been serving as assistant to Gabi for several months, so she knows what she is doing.

But Kayla is special to us for another reason: She is the granddaughter of the great and beloved June Manning, who led us all for so many years, and whose loss we never forget. I just know that June is up there somewhere, nodding her head with approval and pride. So, deep gratitude to Gabi, and welcome aboard to Kayla.

Meanwhile, in addition to their regular programming, at 11 am on Thursday the 14th, the Up-Island Council on Aging has help available to senior citizens with their smart phones. At 1:30 on Wednesday, the 20th, the ProCraftinator program has an Egg Decorating session to help you get ready for Easter.

Great news. The four new apartments on Carl Widdiss Way here in Aquinnah, near the Town Hall, are finally available as affordable apartments. They were developed by the town of Aquinnah with the Island Housing Trust, and are surely desperately needed. You can find requirements and application materials at the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority website (, or call them for additional information at 508-693-4419.

ACE MV has an open slot on Saturday, March 30, from 2 to 4 pm to get individualized support with learning or spiffing up your knowledge of QuickBooks. Also, if you want to spiff up your website, it has a class available with Kay Frank for one-on-one work with Squarespace. To register, or for more information, contact ACE MV by writing to

The Chilmark School PTO is having its Winter’s End auction fundraiser to help support student field trips. There are some terrific auction items available, and you don’t even have to go to an event. What you do is go online at and click on “Resources” at the banner on the top of the screen. It will go to a place where you’ll see “Find Your Handbid Event,” then type in Chilmark School, and voilà! You can register to bid. The auction runs March 17 through 24. They’ve got everything from vacations to birthday parties to items created by the Chilmark School students. I got a great teapot from them last year. I suggest you take part. The kids will be grateful.

Happy birthday greetings to one of my granddaughter’s surrogate dads, Nick Bologna, on March 15, to the lovely Amera Ignacio on the 29th, and to that great young man Rodeo, on the 16th.

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