Aquinnah: Joan LeLacheur, Council on Aging, volunteers for IGI, and Chilmark School

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I’m one of those people who don’t feel fully dressed unless my ears have earrings dangling from them. One of my most precious pairs of earrings was purchased from my friend and neighbor, Joan LeLacheur. Joanie is one of several extraordinarily creative people who live here in Aquinnah. She creates earrings, necklaces, and pendants, using the bright reflective sheen of abalone combined with quahog swirls of purple and white. She also sometimes creates brilliantly colored pieces from what looks to me like a type of resin.

She has just announced that she is ready for spring with a new collection of ocean jewelry. If you’re looking for inspiration, for a gift, or for something special for yourself, call or text her at 508-939-1691, and make a date to go and take a look. I expect that she will soon announce one of her famous open-studio dates as well, so, if you’re too shy to reach out in this way, keep your eyes open for the Calendar pages of this paper, and join the crowd.

The Up-Island Council on Aging (UICOA) has some great special programs coming up. The Samaritans of Cape Cod and the Islands will be presenting a “Suicide Awareness and Education” session on Wednesday, March 27, at 2 pm. It’s free, and important. Then, for a chance to maybe save some money and have some fun, attend an off-Island shopping trip with UICOA on Wednesday, April 3. They’ll be taking the 8:15 am boat, busing folks to key shopping areas, and returning on the 3:45 pm boat. If you’re interested in attending, meet at the Steamship Authority at 7:30 am. (You’ll need to purchase a round-trip walk-on boat ticket.) You need to sign up for either of these events. And remember that if you’re a senior, you can call them for free transport, food, health-related programs, or just some good old-fashioned kindness and company. Call them! 508-693-2896.

IGI is looking for volunteers for their kitchen programs. These programs are focused on turning excellent food, including gleaned produce, into delicious and nutritious frozen meals for the Food Pantry and for partner organizations like Hospice and the Councils on Aging. Kitchen shifts could include chopping, washing, or preparing produce or meat for the meals. They could also include packaging or labeling the meals. No matter what task you perform there, you will likely come away feeling proud. Your work will have helped to feed the hungry and support local farmers, and kept local food from going to waste. They use Signup Genius for volunteers to sign up, which is pretty easy to use. If you need any help signing up, or just want more information, please contact Nicol Carvalho by emailing her at They’ve got shifts posted through the end of April.

I want to remind you again of Chilmark School winter’s end auction fundraiser. Online registration continues at It goes until March 24, and it’s for PTO-sponsored field trips and special programs. The PTO and the kids at the school have worked hard to make some extraordinary items available. Do it for the kids.

Birthday greetings go to Nanauwe Vanderhoop on March 23, and Zyair Aiguier-Bolling on March 26.

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