Keep our residential neighborhoods residential


To the Editor:

The Tisbury planning board is inviting public comment on the nature of our neighborhoods on Tuesday, April 2, at 5 pm at a Zoom meeting. Please get involved to keep our residential neighborhoods residential, rather than business districts. I mean no one any harm trying to make a livelihood on our Island, but I don’t want my neighborhood — or any of our neighborhoods — to dissolve or perish in the process. 

Fifty years ago, when I first moved here year-round, the business owners in my neighborhood had one truck and one car per household, and the rest of their business-related equipment and activities were located out of the neighborhood, at various industrial parking areas. It was a good balance. We are now out of balance. Too many people and cars and trucks jam our neighborhoods at all hours of the day and night. If you want your neighborhoods to remain familiar and comforting in spite of the many new and expanding businesses, there must be a distinction and protection between commercial and residential neighborhoods. 

Please speak up on this important issue — or the noisy congestion of overflowing business will drown us all out.


Susan D. Jones
Vineyard Haven