Aquinnah: Early spring, town library, ‘Food, Inc. 2,’ CPR training, and beach grass

—MV Times

The weather is giving us a bridge, a chance to lose our winter fur or feathers, days that aren’t warm yet, but that aren’t frozen either. This is a time to plant seeds in trays, but not yet into the ground. A time to finish the winter cleanup. Early spring flowers such as crocuses and daffodils are in bloom, with the narcissus and forsythia ready to burst forth any moment. There are still bare branches everywhere you look, but you can almost feel the sap moving through the trees and bushes as they take on a reddish hue, and leaf and flower buds are just beginning to swell. Streets are still mostly free of traffic, and most store windows have not yet been decked out in displays meant to invite tourists to come inside. There are ads in the paper for summer helpers. We are gearing up. But we still have some breathing room, and time to get a new haircut or order that needed bathing suit, time to find workers to help, time to solidify plans. Enjoy it. Breathe.

At the Aquinnah library, all are celebrating the hiring of Viktoriya Duarte as the new library programming associate. Viki is a perfect fit. She is smart and funny, skilled, friendly, and kindhearted. During her very first week, she stepped up and organized the annual Spring Egg Hunt for the kids — which was slated to be forgotten this year. She has already demonstrated her commitment to Aquinnah, and is likely to stay with us for a good long while. And, of course, she is a book woman. Go by and give her a welcome hello. We are lucky to have her join the team.

On April 9, the M.V. Film Center will host a one-night-only showing of “Food, Inc. 2.” This important documentary film is about corporate consolidation of the food system, and the innovative farmers, food producers, workers’ rights activists, and legislators who are fighting for a sustainable future. After the film, join a discussion with Island Grown Initiative about ways to take local action for food systems change. Go to to purchase tickets. Seems to me as if protecting our food supply is a rather basic need, and learning how to do so might be a good idea. Go to this event and find out how.

On April 12, the Up-Island Council on Aging is hosting a CPR training class at Howes House. This one costs $90. Call the council (508-693-2896) to register and get more information. Who knows? Taking this class just might end up saving somebody’s life.

Then, on April 13, don’t forget to go to Lobsterville at 9 am to help with planting of beach grass to protect the precious dunes. Contact to register (which is an important thing to do, as the tribe will be providing breakfast and beverages to the volunteers, and want to have sufficient supplies). This is an annual event sponsored by the Wampanoag Tribe of Aquinnah, and a truly wonderful way to say thank you to that beach that gives us so much pleasure.

We’ve got some good birthdays to celebrate this week. On April 4, Gary Paraboschi celebrates. (I particularly appreciate Gary because he is usually the sole male who attends the Aquinnah library book group meetings, and can always be counted on for brief but on-point comments.). Then, on April 6, it’s the dazzling Na Daizja Aiguier-Bolling’s turn for birthday cake.

I confess that I am not a social media person. This isn’t because of any reason other than my time is limited and I know my weaknesses, one of which is to get addicted to screen time if I am not careful. This is germane only because this means that if you want to have your event or your news shared with the community through this column, then you must let me know directly. Write to me at Please. I have to get the copy in on Saturdays at noon for the following Thursday’s edition of the paper. I surely do want to have this column be relevant to the people of Aquinnah, and that can only be the case if you speak up.

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