Charter school to puff up theatrics at the Grange


Magical theatrics await the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School (MVPCS) this coming weekend in West Tisbury. 

MVPCS students will be running a performance of “Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic,” which is a parody play of the Harry Potter series. 

The story follows a set of students called the Puffs over seven years in a magical school in the United Kingdom. 

The performances will be held at Grange Hall in West Tisbury on April 4, 5, and 6 at 6 pm each day, with an additional matinee at 2 pm on Saturday, April 6. Doors will open a half hour before the show begins. 

Charter school drama program coordinator Heather Capece said there will be a limited number of seats for the public since many family members already bought tickets. Capece told the Times that around 53 students, from kindergarteners to high school seniors, are involved in the play. Puffs was chosen by the drama club students in the fall with rehearsals being held beginning in January. 

Some charter school students involved in the play told the Times their thoughts regarding the upcoming performances. 

“I’m very excited,” sixth grader Levi Binney, who is playing a lead role named Oliver Rivers, said. 

Fifth grader Isla Ditchfield, who is playing a lead role named Wayne Hopkins, said cast members have been very supportive of each other. “A lot of older students have really helped,” Ditchfield said. 

For some students, this will be their last charter school performance. 

Sebastian Bennett-Rock, a senior who will be playing the “cool older student” named Cedric, also composed a piece of music for the play. 

“It’s a secret,” Bennett-Rock said, wanting to hold the musical reveal for when they take the stage. 

This will be the 16th show for Loucia Capece, a senior who has been teaching fifth graders production work. Fifth grader Joaquin Montoya praised his mentor for the work she has done. 

“I think that it’s sad because she started in kindergarten and now she’s already a senior and it’s already her last play,” said Montoya, who’s been learning the ropes from Loucia. 

Heather Capece said Puffs let students of varying ages participate in the production, while older students mentored the younger students. 

“Because we’re a multi-age school, having the time to honor that is a really special thing,” she said.