Island sheds drought status

The Islands are now classified as being in normal conditions following a prolonged drought. —Courtesy Energy and Environmenta

Following several months of above-normal rainfall, state officials say that the Islands are no longer classified as being in a drought.

Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs secretary Rebecca Tepper on Thursday declared the region will be downgraded from a mild drought to normal. All other regions of the state remain normal as well.

“After several months of experiencing drought conditions, I am pleased to declare that the Islands region has returned to normal. However, we need to continue practicing water conservation methods to enable full recovery and minimize impacts of future droughts across the State,” secretary Tepper said in a statement. “The Healey-Driscoll Administration thanks those who contributed to our drought resiliency efforts. We must take an all-of-government approach to address these challenges as we experience more extreme and frequent weather events due to climate change.”

The Islands — including Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard — were placed in the “significant drought” category in December, before being downgraded to the mild drought status in March.


  1. As measured at my house in West Tisbury, we have had 23.7-inches of rain since Jan. 1, 2024. Talk about drought on the Vineyard is ridiculous. I have no idea where the state got the idea we had any sort of drought here.

  2. A good indicator of the groundwater level is Seth’s pond.
    A quick look at the beach there tells you all you need to

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