Dump truck snaps utility pole


Updated April 22

A dump truck whose driver lost control of its brakes led to a collision that snapped a utility pole in Tisbury. 

The accident occurred on State Road at Look Street on Saturday morning at around 11:33 am. Footage released by the Tisbury Police Department shows a white dump truck swerved into the opposite lane before crashing into and snapping a utility pole. The vehicle also struck a Packer tractor trailer in the process. The tractor trailer’s rear door was opened during the accident and spilled gravel onto the road. 

A pole was snapped during a vehicle accident and gravel, shown here piled up, was spilled during the process. —Courtesy of Tisbury Police Department

Tisbury police blocked off the area around the intersection of State Road and Look Street while work was underway to clear the debris. Eversource also arrived on the scene later to deal with the broken pole. 

Eversource trucks at the scene dealing with the broken utility pole. —Courtesy of Tisbury Police Department

According to Tisbury Police Lt. Bill Brigham, the dump truck experienced a brake failure and the driver tried to avoid a collision. “I’m just glad nobody was hurt,” he said. 

Eversource spokesperson Priscilla Ress told the Times that there were no power outages and the company was replacing the pole on Monday morning.