Grateful for pet care during crisis


To the Editor:

Thank you to Animal Health Care Associates at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport for doing the right thing during a crisis on April 17.

My tiny 16-year-old shih tzu, Alice, went into cardiac arrest about 10 pm, after having a normal day of activities. She needed urgent care, and it was time to put her down. She was panting heavily, whimpering, and in acute distress. I sat up with her all night waiting for morning. 

At 7 am I started making calls. Alice’s own vet was out that day. I called the emergency doctor on duty, and told him how urgent this was. He never returned my call until 3:15 that afternoon. When he never called back that morning, we drove to the vet closest to our home. The sign on the door said, “Do Not Enter.” I walked in. As soon as they saw Alice, they prepared a room for her.

I cannot say how wonderful and compassionate they were there. They handled her with love and gentleness which I had never seen. Of course, she had to be euthanized. We knew that before we even went in. They spent a lot of time with us, the grieving owners. How lucky is this Island that this facility is remaining at the airport.

Finally, a special thanks to Eva, the vet, and to Marina, her assistant, for their special kindness to Alice and to us. I apologize for breaking the rules. I don’t recommend others do that, but we do much appreciate Animal Health Care for bending the rules to help out a poor sick dog. We will be forever grateful.


Diane and Paul Claussen
Oak Bluffs