Poet’s Corner: ‘A Very Good Example’


A Very Good Example
By Sarah Joyce

On the bottom of boredom lies the same playlist on a loop
and in the isolation of perpetual questioning
is an avoidance of Spring’s stillness.

March here is my mother
calling, telling me she is five minutes away
— when she is really 15.

At sunset I sit at Lambert’s Cove
I picture it filling with people;
a time-lapse to a season I have
not yet witnessed.

Everyone says sunsets are more beautiful when shared

Imagine being allowed to believe
(even just briefly)
that such an extravagant display of colors
was thrown at the sky just for you.

Yes, I am more myself here
but she’s a lie I keep improving.

Sarah Joyce lives on the Island, and is a recent graduate of New York City and corporate America. She is currently working at Mansion House, and hoping to refocus on her writing. Joyce recently won the Director’s Fellowship at the MVCWI, and has had a number of “Metropolitan Diary” pieces published in the New York Times over the years. 

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