Real Estate Transactions: April 15 – 19, 2024



April 18, Susan E. Trees sold 0 Quansoo Beach Lot 0 to Dennis R. Delaney and Sarah M. Waelchli, trustees of Plum Beach Realty Trust, for $420,000.


April 16, Harbor View Hotel Owner LLC sold 131 North Water St., also known as 0 Osbourne Cottage Suite 52, to Huxford Realty LLC for $2,049,000.

April 17, Robert A. Harris Jr., Sandra M. Harris, Carrie Vanderwatt, and Jennifer Jessop Burrows sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 451 Week 18 to Martha Smith and Charles J. Smith for $2,500.

April 17, Lionel Spiro sold 44 Jeremiah Road to Bruce Alexander MacClellan and Alysa MacClellan for $1,325,000.

April 19, Samuel H. Fuller sold 59 North Neck Road to Samuel H. Fuller, trustee of Samuel H. Fuller 2023 Qualified Personal Residence Trust, for $1.

Oak Bluffs

April 16, George Sourati sold 0 Isaac Ave. Lot 76 to Richard S. Dubin, trustee of Isaac Avenue Realty Trust, for $400,000.


April 16, BWP Properties LLC sold 43 Look St. to Workforce Housing LLC for $1,015,000.

April 16, Frances R. Bergquist, trustee of Frances R. Bergquist Nominee Trust, sold 208 Sandpiper Lane Unit 11 to Elizabeth Mirabelli for $1,300,000.

April 17, Little Chop LLC sold 103 Main St. to Orchard Run LLC for $12,000,000.

April 18, Tatnall L. Hillman, trustee of Tatnall L. Hillman Revocable Trust, sold 0 Crowell Lane to Michael C. Noe and Brendan Paul Gettings for $675,000.