Oak Bluffs eatery bringing live music this summer

Midnight Taco is looking to bring more live music to Oak Bluffs. —Nicole Jackson

Updated May 15

Another eatery in Oak Bluffs will bring music downtown.

The Oak Bluffs select board has unanimously approved giving an entertainment license to Midnight Taco, which plans to reopen with live music by July 1.

The summertime taqueria is moving and expanding to a 49-seat, sit-down restaurant at 7 Circuit Ave. Extension. The owner, Jordan Wallace, said he wants to provide a musical “ambiance” there. 

The license allows Midnight Taco to provide music until 12:45 am on Fridays and Saturdays, and until 11 pm Monday to Thursday.

“I’ve been planning this restaurant for many years, and to get a warm welcome in my hometown means the world to me,” Wallace told the Times.

Some of the restaurant’s neighbors weren’t that welcoming, however. 

Mark Morris complained that the notification he received about the restaurant did not mention live music. “I just don’t want it to get out of control,” he said. 

Benjamin Hall, whose family once owned the Strand Theater, expressed concern about the music from Midnight Taco bleeding into the theater and disrupting events. 

Circuit Ave. resident Jeremiah McCarthy worried that live music late at night could be disruptive to neighbors, and suggested doing a test run without music.

Wallace noted that the Sand Bar, which he operates on the same street, has played music past midnight, and that he’s been a good neighbor. 

The board said Wallace would come before them if noise complaints came in.

This was a continuation of a May 7 meeting regarding Wallace’s application. He said then that the music would have “chill vibes,” like lo-fi beats, calypso, or Spanish guitar. He said no events or concerts would be held.

Updated with clarifications from Jordan Wallace and information from the May 14 Oak Bluffs select board meeting. 


  1. Here is this. “In person” music is how I refer to what everyone calls “live” music, which in my brain then would that mean we would call recorded music “dead” music. Yes, more, no matter what you call it. YES, PLEASE MORE.

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