Three high school teachers welcome babies on same day


Call it a coincidence or an MVRHS miracle: Three teachers at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School all became parents on the same day last week, with the delivery of three girls, all within hours of one another.

On April 28, Caroline Gardner Crossland was born at 1:21 am to parents Emily and Kyle Crossland. Nomi Estelle MacKenzie, daughter of Annah MacKenzie, was delivered at 7:42 am. And Selene Schubert Campbell arrived at 11:52 pm, to parents Rachel Schubert and Junior Campbell. 

Kyle Crossland teaches horticulture at the high school, Annah MacKenzie teaches English and history, and Rachel Schubert teaches English. 

To the three teachers, it was a happy surprise. 

Crossland said his wife gave birth a week after her due date. “I don’t think any of us expected to be on the same day,” he said. 

“I think it’s wonderful that Nomi shares her birthday with two other children of MVRHS teachers,” MacKenzie said. “I’m very excited for the trio to meet!”

“I’m choosing to interpret [the three births] as an auspicious sign rather than a funny coincidence,” Schubert said. “I’ve felt the support of the MVRHS community throughout my whole pregnancy, so overall I just feel grateful.”


  1. Ok– I’m a numbers guy. I don’t believe in interpreting
    numbers to predict the future. I just like to play with them
    I especially like prime numbers– ones that are only divisible
    by themselves. 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19, etc…
    So let’s take a closer look –sorry for coping your shtick , Seth.
    But the times are 1:21– all prime numbers–
    7:42 — ok — you would think this all falls apart, but if you add them
    all up, they total 13 —
    11:52 — again, all prime.
    And 3 babies from three in their prime moms.
    Yeah, you can call me nuts– Im too old to care–
    I’m just having some fun..
    I’ll call this an auspicious coincidence. I wish all the best to these 3
    new moms who are dedicated to the community in which they
    live, and the bright future their children will live in.
    Respect .

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