O.B. Association honors one of its founders

Dennis Philip daRosa –Jeremy Driesen

The Oak Bluffs Association will honor the life and legacy of one of its founders and local business owner, Dennis daRosa.

The association will install a memorial plaque for daRosa at the Oak Bluffs information booth on Circuit Avenue during a ceremony on Sunday, May 26. 

After taking over his family’s business, Martha’s Vineyard Printing Company, daRosa alongside Renee Balter served as founders and leaders of the Oak Bluffs Association (OBA), an organization dedicated to promoting Oak Bluffs businesses. 

“He wasn’t just a person who thought about starting a business organization. It was more like he was building a family and keeping people together and helping the whole community to stay together and to support each other,” Balter reflected on working with daRosa. “We (the island community) weren’t ready to let him go. […] It’ll be nice to see that plaque on the wall.” 

After a 20-year battle with cancer, daRosa passed away at 71-years-old in August of 2020.

Today, the OBA has been in existence for 3 decades and works to support over 125 Island businesses.

Sunday’s ceremony will take place at the Oak Bluffs information booth at 1 pm, beginning with the unveiling of the plaque. After a few presentations and speeches, friends and family will be invited to a gathering at the Ritz.