Time to get rid of gas-powered lawn care


To the Editor:
Just when the weather has finally improved enough to sit quietly on my porch and read, or doze, the peacefulness is constantly shattered by the most obnoxious noise, that of gas-powered landscaping machinery, especially the polluting backpack types.
Who is at fault here, the landscaping companies or the customers? Does every lawn have to be free of every leaf?
My neighbors, who are not even here, just write checks and tell the landscaper to make their place nice. They have no interest in how the work is done, and don’t seem to care whether it bothers the neighbors.
Well, it sure bothers me.
I purchased battery-powered equipment years ago. The technology is such that the machinery works just as well as the gas ones, but with half the noise and none of the pollution. It’s time to outlaw those gas polluters!

Steven Auerbach
Oak Bluffs