Appreciation for local spa 


To the Editor:

I am a former Island resident and nurse at M.V. Hospital, and I still spend a part of my summer here and visit many times during the year, as my heart, like others, found its home here when I stepped off the ferry and breathed in the salty air many years ago. Soon after, I packed up my life in the city and moved to the Island. To this day, that time of my life is where my fondest memories live. At that time, I met a fantastic tribe of women, all traveling through the hospital caring for the Island community in varying ways, and we bonded immediately over our mutual love for this magical place, and soon formed a lifelong bond. 

We now reside in different areas, some still on the Island and others miles away. We gather here every summer and every other chance we can, and although it often can be an effort in our busy lives, filled now with different things, kids, husbands, businesses, and ventures that would keep many people from making the trip. Still, we do, because of our bond with one another and the Island that brought us together. This year, we wanted to come off-season, and researched different experiences, as we wanted to connect more and pamper ourselves some, but we didn’t want just a typical spa day, which we have had in the past. 

We contacted a new business on the island, DermaSea Spa, in V.H., on a whim, and it was as if it was meant to be. I discussed with the owner, Paula Karol, our ideas, and she had her own that far exceeded anything that we came up with. Needless to say, the weekend was collectively one of the best we have had in our lives. We had a women’s workshop woven with breathwork, singing bowls, sharing, and connecting, wonderful food, and then a cycle of exceptional spa experiences. Not a detail was left out. We laughed, cried, and relaxed, but most importantly, we somehow departed stronger than we were, which, after 20-plus years of friendship, we didn’t think was possible. Thank you, Paula Karol and DermaSea Spa. We will be back!


Dianne Braley