It isn’t just whales hurt by fishing


To the Editor:

Did your lobster kill a whale? The chances are higher than you might think. Entanglement from discarded lobster fishing gear is one of the biggest threats to North Atlantic right whales and other aquatic fish and mammals. And commercial fishing is one of the biggest threats to our fragile oceanic ecosystem.

But there’s another victim of lobster fishing — lobsters. Just like humans, dogs, and whales, lobsters are intelligent, sensitive beings. These complex animals use intricate signals to explore their surroundings and establish social relationships. They take long-distance seasonal journeys that can cover more than 100 miles. Lobsters also feel physical pain. Their sophisticated nervous system means there is no humane way to capture or kill them for food.

Every animal is someone. All living beings should be treasured, not trapped. Be kind, go vegan, and save the planet.

Scott Miller, research specialist, fishing and waterways
PETA Foundation