Tisbury: Synchronicity, M.V. Playhouse, ‘The Taste of Things,’ and Maxfield Parrish

—MV Times

Heard on Main Street: Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

A friend delivered a beautiful bouquet of glorious purple and white lilacs to me on Mother’s Day. My purring could be heard for blocks. Even before I got the chocolates!

I have been enjoying an old book by Danielle Steele called “Country.” Few authors offer so such detail and variety in their novels. This was not only a good story, but part took place in Las Vegas. Interesting only because when my daughter called on Mother’s Day, she mentioned an intriguing weeklong program she’d just returned from, in Las Vegas. Intriguing because my book had just covered many of the features of this city I’ve never seen — but proved the book had done an awfully good job of describing the place. I found this astonishing because my girl is not into gambling or the like, and this was a tech business event.

Surprising to me was the fact that these techies who worked together all found it an amazing background, even helpful, because so many only seen onscreen were now meeting together and discovering more about their company and the challenges facing it. I never would have thought of Las Vegas this way. But she seemed to believe the meeting would prove to have a very good effect on their business, with a deeper understanding of what AI can do. 

The things I have heard about AI are frightening to me, so I found it comforting to think it may not be all bad. Probably because I don’t understand it.

Spring Electronics Disposal Day is Saturday, May 18, from 9 to 2 pm, in the MVRHS parking lot. Proceeds benefit the junior class and MVCS.

Now playing at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse is “To Fall in Love.” A couple comes together for one night after their marriage is splintered by tragedy, in hopes of finding something worth saving. Through May 25.

Thursday, May 30, is a busy evening at our library: From 4 to 5 pm, you can learn how to get a no-cost home energy assessment, rebates for home heating appliances, renewable energy resources, and other incentives to transition away from fossil fuels. Bring your latest electric bill or electric account number to sign up in person, or call 508-504-9508. Register at masssave.com/vineyard for Zoom.

An hour later, it’s Movie Night at 6 pm at our library with “The Taste of Things,” the first in a culinary series. Cook Eugenie and her boss Dodin have grown fond of each other over 20 years. When he is faced with her reluctance to commit, he begins to cook for her. In French, with subtitles, rated PG-13. Popcorn will be served.

Zoom at 7 pm, Thursday, May 30, to meet artist Maxfield Parrish, “Myth and Whimsy.”

Working in the early 1900s, he skyrocketed to success as an illustrator in the Golden Age of Illustration in the U.S. with his fantastic landscapes and ethereal figures.

Register at vhpl_programs@clamsnet.org.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes to Jill Walsh today. Violet Patrick celebrates on Saturday. Happy birthday on Sunday to my wonderful son Craig Mayhew; I’m sure his favorite present is still Legos or bicycle parts.

Heard on Main Street: Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone.

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