Both sides responsible for peace


To the Editor:

I am writing in reply to David Mintz’s letter regarding student protests and the war in Gaza. It’s so easy to call for a ceasefire, but what is your endgame? What do you advocate for as a long-term solution? I will be clear about what I want, and I encourage you to be clear about what your goals are. I believe in a two-state solution, with Israel and a Palestinian state. I believe that Israel has a right to exist, and therefore a right to have peace with its neighbors. Egypt made peace with Israel. Jordan made peace with Israel. The Palestinians have never made peace with Israel. Their last good chance was in 2000. 

Let me be clear that the war in Gaza is a humanitarian catastrophe. The human suffering is unconscionable. However, I have never heard David utter one criticism of Hamas. You call for a ceasefire, but do you also call for the immediate accounting and return of all hostages? If you are really for peace, you should criticize both sides when they act unpeacefully. 

I have no problem criticizing the Israeli government. Their continued encouragement of increased West Bank settlements is an impediment to peace. You, however, seem unwilling to criticize anything Hamas does. Do you believe that peace is possible without a change in Hamas’ behavior? 

Unfortunately, I don’t believe either the current Israeli government or Hamas wants peace. That is a shame. Both peoples, Israelis and Palestinians, need bold leaders who will communicate and provide a vision of peaceful coexistence. Before the horrific Oct. 7 attack, the Israeli intelligence officer who obtained the Hamas plan characterized it not as a terrorist plot, but as a plan to start a war. Unfortunately, Hamas was successful, and she was correct.


Jonathan H. Chatinover