New details emerge in Ravizza’s ties to homicide victim

Suspect in stabbings shared Vineyard vacation with man found dead in Connecticut.

Police reports show Jared Ravizza, shown here in an April mugshot, knew Bruce Feldman before the Deep River homicide investigation.

Police reports show that accused South Shore stabber Jared Ravizza knew Bruce Feldman on the Vineyard long before police identified Ravizza as a suspect in the death of the 70-year-old Connecticut man over the Memorial Day weekend. 

On Christmas Day last year, Feldman called 911 on the Vineyard and told them Ravizza was “on psychedelics” at a home in West Tisbury, and asked police to see if he was OK. After a police officer confirmed that the 26-year-old was “in good spirits and good health,” he called Feldman back.

“Feldman began going on a rant, worrying Jared was a CIA test subject and hallucinating,” West Tisbury Officer Noah Stobie wrote in his report. Feldman “did not make much sense, and was hard to follow along and comprehend at times,” he added. 

Ravizza’s father, Jason, who was at the house, told the officer that “he and Jared have had issues with Bruce in the past, and Bruce has been found staying at their house when they are not home and when he is not welcome,” according to the report. 

Nearly six months earlier, on July 7, a man renting the same West Tisbury house told police that he found a man smoking on the porch. West Tisbury Police found Feldman there, and reported he was “very energetic, and seemed confused.”

After taking him to the station, Feldman told police he was “living from hotel to hotel” due to a recent divorce, and hoped to stay with Jared Ravizza “for the summer.”

When police called Ravizza, he said Feldman was only an “acquaintance,” and said he had not invited or permitted him to stay at the house for the summer, although he said they had previously stayed there together “for a short vacation.”

Police ultimately took Feldman to the ferry terminal to leave the Island.

The report said “it was also explained” that Ravizza lived at the time in Cotuit, a town on the Cape, although it didn’t make clear who had made the claim. Other police reports have variously listed addresses for Ravizza in West Tisbury, Chilmark, and Agawam, near Springfield, where he grew up. 

Ravizza often gave differing accounts of his occupation, a trait that appeared in yet another police report. 

On Jan. 10 this year, the staff at Hot Yoga MV in West Tisbury called 911 to report Ravizza was “acting suspicious” while attending a yoga session. He had joined the studio in 2023. 

The caller said she “believes he’s an influencer” but he “morphs into whatever topic” people are discussing. He claimed to be a “professional skier, then a professional DJ,” depending on the conversation, the police report said. 

The new details thus add to the swirl of mystery around Ravizza’s life before he went on what police say was a rampage off-Island. 

Connecticut State Police said Ravizza was at a home in Deep River, a small town in the state, shortly before the older man’s body was found outside on the ground on May 25. A homicide investigation is underway, and charges are pending, while Ravizza undergoes a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital.

Ravizza faces 12 other felony charges stemming from his alleged knife attacks on four girls at a movie theater in Braintree, and two employees at a McDonald’s in Plymouth later that same day, as well as two charges from an alleged assault on his father at the West Tisbury house in April. 

He pleaded not guilty to the attack at McDonald’s. He has not been arraigned on the other charges yet.