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Time to get organized for summer folks. First, take care of your trash by picking up a valid dump sticker so you can use our local drop-off at the Aquinnah dump. Stickers are available on Thursdays and Saturdays. Cost is $35 for a sticker, unless you’re a senior, in which case there is a $10 discount. Summer hours are Sundays from 10-4, Thursdays from 8-2, and Saturdays from 9-1. When you are there, tip your hat to Prince the dog.

With that taken care of, next you need to go to the Town Hall to purchase beach and parking permits. Passes will be available for purchase beginning on Thursday, June 13, from 9-12. I don’t know the cost this year, but you can call Rachel Vanderhoop at 508-645-2310 for more information. I recall that when you go to purchase, you will at least need your vehicle license number, but you can call Rachel in advance to see what else is needed.

I’ve just come back from a stroll through the shops at the Cliffs. With the flower boxes overflowing, the merchandise all fresh, and the purveyors so welcoming, it’s a lovely place indeed. There are many treasures for sale up there, and I’m so happy to have the Gay Head Store open again, with its fresh vegetables and terrific snacks. The coffee at Aquila is always worth a stroll, and the view from their deck can’t be beat.

Neva Goldstein, a 500-hour certified instructor who has taught yoga for more than two decades, invites you to increase your strength and flexibility by attending her yoga classes at Town Hall. The class is for all levels, and is held Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9 am. It costs $20. She promises a supportive environment, and even a chance to achieve peace of mind.

The Aquinnah Library Book Group is currently reading “Family Family,” by Laurie Frankel. Go by and pick up a copy, take it with you to the hammock, and then join the conversation about it later this month (details to come). It’s a great story about the joys of adoption, the perils and pleasures of being a successful actor, and, basically, about love and family.
Family health emergencies upended my life for the past few weeks (all are on the mend now), so I missed the luncheon for seniors sponsored by the Up-Island Council on Aging, held at our Town Hall. Word has it that it was a happy gathering of good-natured friends and neighbors. Going forward, they’re planning on having one of these luncheons on the last Wednesday of every month, and I assure you that, God willin’, I’ll be there!

I also missed wishing happy birthday to Roxane Ackerman on May 31t, so I send those good wishes now. Coming up, I want to give a birthday hello to Emily Vanderhoop on June 4, and to my beloved Emmett Taylor on June 5, and a happy anniversary to Noli and Isaac Taylor on June 2.

One last thought: I want to express my profound gratitude to our community for the outpouring of love and support given to my family during these past few weeks. The people of this Island know how to hold each other with great care when it is most needed. I promise to pay it forward.

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