Pressing for even more Cape Poge restrictions


To the Editor:

A select number of Cape Poge landowners have provided fresh evidence of their insatiable appetite for the destruction of public rights. Not satisfied with their “victory” of newly established rules for OSV access on Chappy, this group has decided to appeal, and is pressing for even more restrictions. Coded gates were never the intention of the generous benefactors of this sublime refuge, yet this gang wants them, and much more! This select group of Cape Poge residents will not be content until they are granted the status of a sovereign state, designated for Cape Poge landowners only. In this dream, the rest of us need not apply. 

Let’s wake up and do some quick math on public opinion. In this corner, the Cape Poge appellant group is weighing in with 65 signatories who seek to abolish OSV access. In the other corner, we have 2,000 permitholders, who each, conservatively, invite 10 guests per season to enjoy the fantastic eight miles of Chappy shoreline: 22,000 supporters. I believe 65 versus 22,000 is a resounding message of public support for OSV access. But the real tell is the fact that 20 percent of Cape Poge landowners did not sign this preposterous pursuit of public property. Bravo to you folks for seeing this appalling agenda for what it is — a blatant land grab which would enrich you, yet you could not hold your nose at the prospect of such a dishonorable act. We, “the Mmasses” thank you profusely for consulting your moral compass. Please feel free to share your compass with your neighbors. 

The OSV abolisher’s argument of environmental concern is both hollow and self-serving. It is but a ruse, a transparent veil to obscure their true goal of enshrining a private sanctuary for their exclusive use and enjoyment. 

Their shameful pursuit of eliminating OSV access to everyone — except themselves — is the absolute height of hypocrisy. Let me get this straight — your truck doesn’t cause beach damage, but mine does? This is not solvable, because it is nonsensical.

If we “the masses” take you at your word, your grievances are with the TTOR. If this is true, why must you vex the public with your bottomless vengeance? We “the masses” wish not to be collateral damage in your ceaseless assaults against the TTOR. If you must pursue the TTOR, do so without attempting to dismantle OSV access. We “the masses” beg you — leave us out of your dispute! 

Now that this local kerfuffle has been kicked up to the state level, cooler heads should prevail. When this issue is thoughtfully evaluated by objective parties, we “the masses” expect to have common sense and common courtesy carry the day. As I said before, sunlight is the best disinfectant. 


Rich Thompson