911 system working again

The 911 number is working again in Massachusetts after an hourlong lapse on Tuesday.

An amublance on Beach Road in Tisbury. —Rich Saltzberg

The 911 emergency number is back in service statewide after being down for over an hour today. Anyone having an emergency can now call the typical 911 number.

A public safety alert announced the statewide lapse in service at 2:30 pm today, and the restoration of the 911 number was announced in another alert at around 4:20.

Susan Schofield directs the regional emergency communications center where 911 calls in Dukes County are typically received. She told The Times that while 911 was down, calls made to her center would still be dealt with right away by a trained operator. She added that the emergency calling process would otherwise be the same as usual. 

“There is no delay in response if you have an emergency,” she said before the 911 system was restored.

Schofield also said that she had no indication of what caused the problem.

State officials are investigating the cause. The State 911 Department says they will provide further information as soon as it is available.

The second public safety alert also stated that people should not simply call 911 to test whether the number is working, as the line is for emergencies only.