Poet’s Corner: Moving Day


Moving Day
By Cecily Bryant

Measuring the now empty rooms
to see if the next rooms we inhabit will
accommodate this prior life’s comforts
Sweeping the dusty floors and the odd bits
of living inevitably appear
Tinsel from a long-ago Christmas trapped
under a sofa leg
A lost baby sock
Some four-leaf clover crepe paper scraps from a
St. Patty’s Day party some years ago
Echos of children’s glees and sorrows
Indentations from crib wheels on the wood
floors and stickered slogan residue on
teenagers’ bedroom doors
Kitchen cupboards with forgotten Cheerios
and the scent of peanut butter oil
A mixed feeling of abandonment and
hope for the new chapter to begin
Time wafts hazily from the window’s moted
window light as we whisper our hoarse goodbyes

Cecily Bryant lived for 40 years in West Tisbury, where she raised her son. She currently lives in Vineyard Haven. Her poetry is published in a number of collections.

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