Flag-raising ceremony a joyous occasion


To the Editor:

It was a pleasure to attend the flag-raising ceremony at the Tabernacle on Juneteenth. 

President Trish Hahn of the Camp Meeting Association welcomed the NAACP to celebrate Juneteenth at the Campground. Toni Kauffman, president of the NAACP, offered brief words, and Elaine Weintraub and Larry Jones of the African American Heritage Trail shared historical anecdotes.

The event was a vivid reminder of the shame in the exclusion of Blacks from the Campground a century ago. Going forward, the Camp Meeting Association and the NAACP will work together to heal the travesty of the past and celebrate Juneteenth together.

And it was impressive that The Times put the flag-raising event on the front page of the paper the very next day! Well done.


Thomas Dresser

Oak Bluffs